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SearchBug Business Services

Since 1998, SearchBug has been helping thousands of companies, big and small to find and verify names, addresses, phone numbers, SSNs and other people information.

SearchBug is used by collections agents, consumer credit specialists, financial institutions, government agencies, health and medical offices, real estate and mortgage professionals, mobile marketing professionals, investigators, and many other businesses and professionals.

Customer List Cleaning, Batch Processing and Data Appending

Data Append services can significantly increase the value of both consumer and business mailing lists ensuring existing names and addresses are up to date including phone, address, SSN, DOB, even email addresses and many other fields. By adding or updating information about your consumer mailing lists you can target specific marketing opportunities. Our Identify Phone Number batch tool can significantly improve your SMS marketing message deliverability.

APIs and Data Integration

Take advantage of SearchBug APIs and integrate our searches into your own web site, application or a mobile app. Use SearchBug APIs to identify phone line type and carrier, verify email address, verify IP address, find billing name for phone numbers (reverse phone lookup API), find people phone and address (reverse address lookup API), validate SSN, check criminal records, etc.

Professional Skip Tracing

Professionals in financial services, collections, insurance, real estate, law enforcement, investigations, and other industries can request access to private regulated data sources not available to general public. Access to this data can significantly increase the success rate of skip tracing, fraud prevention and help you make better decisions in hiring and tenant screening. Restricted data contains non-public personal information regulated by Federal and State privacy acts (FCRA, GLBA, DPPA, etc.) and requires permissible use. We invite any business to apply (publicly traded companies, partnerships, corporations, family owned business). Even business operating out of a home office can be accepted.

Private Investigator Services

Hundreds of law offices, repossession companies, insurance agents, collection agencies, and individuals rely on SearchBug investigator services to obtain hard-to-find information they need. Hire a prescreened, licensed, bonded, and insured private investigator for your business needs.

Create Business Account to Run Online Searches and Verifications

SearchBug Business Account provides access to more sensitive information including our SSN verification tools and supports multiple user access under the same account. As a Business Account you also get an additional business discount on all orders with a PrePaid Plan. Non-credit card payment options are available to qualified businesses. Another advantage of a Business account is the ability to have a designated administrator from your company manage multiple user accounts. This includes detailed billing and usage reports on a per user bases. Multiple users can also share the same prepaid account balance and take advantage of larger discounts

Save Money with SearchBug Subscription

Save hundreds a month or thousands of dollars per year with SearchBug Subscriptions. Search for people, identify phone numbers and check criminal records with no hidden charges, no per search charges and zero no-hit charges. Get 2 Months FREE with Prepaid Annual Subscription. Cancel anytime.

Why Use SearchBug?
No Setup Fees
No Contracts — Cancel Anytime
Use It Only When You Need It
Competitive Pricing
Flexible Payment Options
High Quality Data
Secure and Private Data Handling
Your Data is Never Shared
Phone and Email Support
Quick Setup

How To Sign up for a SearchBug Business Account without a Credit Card

Custom Services

SearchBug offers custom solutions to meet your needs. Custom integration, list processing, programming and special requests available.

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