Customer List Cleaning, Batch Processing and Data Appending

For over 10 years, SearchBug has been offering unique self-service file processing tools. If you have a list of names, addresses, phone numbers or emails and looking for ways to add missing information or verify what you already have, you are at the right place. There are no minimum or maximum number of records, and no charge unless there is a match. Process as few as 10 records once or 5 million or more monthly.

batch data bulk processing Self-Service processing

Secure and private data handling

Your data is never shared or sold

Quick setup and phone support

Competitive volume-based pricing

No Minimums, No Contracts

This is how it works:

Upload File → Identify Columns → Review Cost and Options → Start Processing → Download Results

Append Contact Info

Add missing Phone Number, Name, Address or Email to your list.

Data Append services can significantly increase the value of both consumer and business mailing lists ensuring existing names and addresses are up to date including phone number, address and email. By adding or updating information about your consumer mailing lists you can target specific marketing opportunities.

Verify Phone Number

Confirm Line Type, Carrier, or check if Line is Active, verify if on the DNC list

Our proprietary phone tool ensures you properly code your inbound leads with phone type for telemarketing as well as fraud and bogus opt-in records. Improve your SMS marketing message deliverability. If you operate a web site where customers provide a phone number you can incorporate our tools to identify the line type, carrier and location.

Verify if a phone number is active, on the Do Not Call list, a cellular number, VoIP or a regular (home or office) landline number. Additionally, can identify telephone company, OCN, and location. Works for US and Canada.

Verify Email Address - New!

Increase Email Deliverability by weeding out invalid email addresses.

Identify invalid, catch-all, abuse emails and known email spam traps in your email list. Emails will be individaully verified by contacting domain mail server in real-time.

SearchBug offers customizable bulk or batch processing solutions to meet your needs. Please complete the form or call and ask. We offer API calls, XML output, db uploads, csv uploads, we can accept almost every type of file imaginable. Custom integration, programming and special requests available. Just call and ask - (800) 990-2939.