Use Search Tokens for Instant Online People Searches

Search Token

Search Tokens ($T) is our micropayment system for any instant online people search or lookup. They are required for any instant online search or lookup. Search Tokens can not be used for Bulk File or API services. If you are utilizing API or Bulk File upload, please review the section below regarding these services.

Each $T is worth $0.01. When you purchase $T in bulk, you are awarded bonus tokens which are included in the total amount of your $T purchase. The more $T you purchase, the more bonus tokens you receive, thereby lowering the cost per $T.

Using $T allows Searchbug to keep costs down by minimizing transaction fees for credit cards, issue store credit in the form of $T quickly, as well as the ability to offer promotions.

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Get 500 Free Search Tokens with any $T purchase.
Select how many tokens you need and then click Buy Search Tokens
Spend Get $T Bonus $T EXTRA $T   
$5 500 0 + 500
$25 2,500 200 + 500
$50 5,000 500 + 500
$100 10,000 1,500 + 500
$250 25,000 5,000 + 500
$500 50,000 15,000 + 500
$1,000 100,000 40,000 + 500
Note: Search Tokens cannot be used to pay for API, Batch or Investigator services.

Search Tokens Basics

  1. Search Tokens ($T) let you pay for People Searches and Lookups without having every single transaction appear on your credit card bill. It also allow us to offer searches that cost as little as $0.50 by avoiding high credit card processing fees for each transaction.
  2. Without any discounts, 1 $T = 1 cent. When purchasing $T in bulk, you are awarded bonus $T making the average cost per $T less than $0.01. It is a great way to get a discount on our searches.
    • If you purchase 10,000 $T and get 1,500 free bonus tokens, a search that costs 200 $T would equate to $1.74, giving you a 13% discount.
    • If you purchase $1,000 in tokens that same 200 $T search, it would equate to $1.42, giving you a 29% discount.
  3. New User Offer: Within the first 2 weeks after creating new account you will have an opportunity to get 500 $T free of charge ($5.00 value) with any Search Tokens purchase.

Search Tokens are non-refundable

The tokens do not expire as long as you remain an active user. However, the purchased and bonus $Ts cannot be refunded. Search Tokens have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. If you close your account or if your account is terminated due to violation of the Searchbug Terms of Service, any unused Tokens will be lost.

Do I need Search Tokens ($T) to use Searchbug?

Search Tokens "$T" are required for any instant online search or lookup. Most of these searches are located under the 'Find People' and 'Lookups' tabs on the top navigation bar.
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Search Tokens CANNOT be used to pay for API, Bulk File Processing, or Investigator services at this time. Bulk File processing and Investigator services are charged to the payment method used in your account at the time your order is placed. API services require a PrePaid "PPD" balance.
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A PrePaid "PPD" balance is a recurring set amount of funds you choose to have deposited in your account for charges incurred when using an API. As you use an API, the funds are debited from your PPD account after each successful query.

$T are one-time purchases that are non-recurring, can't be used for an API, and offer discounts for volume purchases.

You only need a PPD balance if you plan to implement one of our popular APIs. PPD balances aren't discounted since APIs have tiered pricing with built in automatic volume-based discounts. As you make more API calls each month, the cost of each API call decreases. API pricing resets each month.

You can select any prepaid amount from $10 to $1,000. However, if you are just testing the system, we suggest starting with $10. When you finish testing, if you don't use all of your funds, we can refund the balance upon request if you are not going to implement the API.

If you do decide to implement an API, we suggest you increase your prepaid balance to match your anticipated volume. This is to avoid multiple small charges in a short period which may appear as suspicious activity to your bank and lead to declined purchases. If your payment method gets declined or your PPD balance goes to $0.00 your API service will be interrupted, so it's important to set your PPD amount to anticipated needs and to keep your credit card updated. Anytime a charge is attempted you will be notified by email.

Prepaid balances never expire. Should you decide to stop using the service, you can simply request the account balance of unused funds be credited back to your card.

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