Searchbug Tools can help you get the most out of your data by making your information more accessible, usable and searchable. Learn how we can help different businesses and industries with data verification.

Collection agency

Successful Collections Agencies Know This Method Works

Finding debtors is the heart of the collections industry. The biggest obstacle in locating debtors is getting their personal information. Often clients provide insufficient or incorrect data, and debtors can make themselves difficult to find.

Here’s how Searchbug can help collection agencies build a data collection system that helps them reliably find debtors fast.



Searchbug Tools Enable eCommerce and Retail Businesses to Maximize Sales

Having bad contact information for customers degrades the customer experience. If there is a problem with their order, but you can not get in touch with them to correct the issue, you have to wait until they call and complain to remedy the problem.

Here’s how Searchbug Tools make customer outreach more reliable.



Why Prosperous Businesses Rely on API Integration 

Processing and classifying data is an ongoing process. Companies constantly collect and use data. That data constantly needs to be cleaned and quality controlled, otherwise bad data can cause inefficiency and incorrect analytics to spiral out of control.

Discover how Searchbug API solves most of your data problems



Maintaining Financial Databases with Searchbug Tools

Data can be incorrect upon entry or it becomes outdated. So, does your firm validate the data before or after it gets into your database? If you are validating and verifying data before it makes its way into your database, you are doing better than most. That’s healthy. If you also update, verify, and validate existing data on a regular schedule you pass.

Learn how Searchbug tool can help you maintain financial databases.


Heath and Medical

Health and Medical Business Data Challenges and Solutions

Personal information is a critical component of the health and medical industry. Services are delivered in person, the payment process can involve three or more parties, and payment timelines are often long.

Learn how Searchbug Tools can help Health and Medical businesses verify and collect data in bulk.


call center

Call Centers Save Time & Money with These Tools 

Call centers and call center applications often handle astronomical outbound call volumes. Text-
enabled communications centers can hit even higher volumes with automated texting. Since TCPA fines are charged per violation, the cost of a data management error could quickly spiral out of control.

Here’s how Searchbug can help call center companies with data collection and validation that can match their data consumption.


Customer Engagement

Data Challenges That Threaten Customer Communication and Engagement

The only way to build a successful customer engagement and communication program—whether it is based on SMS, email, phone calls, or snail mail—is to start with accurate and dependable data.

This is why data collection and validation tools are an essential part of any customer engagement and communication service. Check this out.


Law Firms

How Searchbug Helps Law Firms and Attorneys Find People and Reach Clients 

Legal professionals and businesses need a full suite of data collection and validation tools that will help them manage both data sets. Regularly verifying and completing the data in client contact lists and maintaining access to professional skip tracing ensures that your business can contact people on both sides of the legal process and resolve cases faster.

Check this out!


Mass texting

The Best Ways to Send Mass Texts

The hard work is done. Sending mass texts is just a matter of feeding your list of cell phone numbers into your mass texting software.

But mass texting can be a time consuming process if you use the wrong tools. Searchbug has a solution for you!


Insurance Companies

How do Insurance Companies Find and Communicate With Clients?

You know the frustration of cold calling a list of leads only to discover that many of the phone numbers were wrong or invalid. Incorrect contact information costs you money and time. 

The best way to make your data more dependable is with Searchbug data collection and validation tools 


Data Processors

How Data Processors Get Dependable Data

Data processors need accurate data in order to help their clients create actionable insights. If your data is not accurate, the insights you generate are not usable and don’t help your clients

Searchbug provides all the data validation and collection tools that data processors need to improve their cost efficiency and offer better data processing services to their clients.