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Professional Skip Tracing – Restricted Access

Professionals in financial services, collections, insurance, real estate, law enforcement, investigations, and other industries can request access to private regulated data sources not available to general public.

Access to this data can significantly increase the success rate of skip tracing, fraud prevention and help you make better decisions in hiring and tenant screening.

Restricted data contains non-public personal information regulated by Federal and State privacy acts (FCRA, GLBA, DPPA, etc.) and requires permissible use.

We invite any business to apply (publicly traded companies, partnerships, corporations, family owned business). Even business operating out of a home office can be accepted.

Application Steps

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  1. Fill out the online application

  2. Remit $147.00 fee
  3. (for processing, verification, and site survey)

  4. Collect supporting documentation
  5. (your business license, business phone bill, a yellow pages listing, many others available, etc.)

  6. Print and fax us the application package
  7. (application, service agreement & documentation)
Once we receive and review your application package we will begin to verify your business so you can access the regulated data. Validation and site survey are required to ensure FCRA compliance since your access to regulated data may include personal data including social security numbers. The review includes:
  • Validation of submitted information.
  • A visit to your office "Site Survey" to visually validate your business and computer security.
  • Background checks on principals may be required (exception: publicly traded companies).

Upon validation you will be notified about the results by our office so you can begin accessing the restricted data. Total turn around time for validation, processing and site survey is typically 5 to 7 business days.

Just a reminder ... There are no monthly minimums or long-term commitment on SearchBug. Order only when you needed it. Cancel anytime.

You will get access to ...

If you have any questions contact us online or call (800) 990-2939.