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Felonies, Misdemeanors, Traffic offenses

Our Criminal Records Search connects you directly to one of the largest databases of over 200 million court records.

If a felony offense record or a misdemeanor offense record is available, your report could include detailed information about the offense, including the state, county, and city where the offense was committed.

If your subject was arrested and convicted of a crime involving an accident, auto wreck, or other crimes involving a traffic offense crime it may also be reported on their record in other states.

Sexual offenders, Court information, Detailed personal information

A Criminal Records search can also help you find out if there are sex offenders in your neighborhood. You will get detailed information about the sex offender when available. Reports may include a photo of the offender, their registered address as well as specifics surrounding the sexual offense. A Criminal Records search can provide critical information about a person with a history of sexual offense records.

Criminal Records Searches typically return information regarding the court and jurisdiction where charged. When available criminal records can include the charge, offense, disposition type, sentence, probation, and conviction.

Criminal records often include the Person's full name and any aliases. And when available can include age, race, eye and hair color, weight and height.

How to Search for Criminal Records
  • Enter both First and Last Names
  • Specify Date of Birth (to make sure it's the right person)

Criminal Records Typically Include
  • Person's full name, aliases, age, race, eye and hair color, weight and height.
  • Jurisdiction, charge, offense, disposition type, sentence, probation and conviction, if applicable.
  • Not all information is available for all records.

Information Sources
  • Entire set of 200 Million federal, state and county criminal records

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