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Searchbug provides verified customer data that eliminates headaches and expenses in marketing, invoicing, and on-site services. Increase your business efficiency from front to back with dependable customer data.

Maintain perfect customer connections with verified contact information.

Professional Services Industry

Data verification keeps your contact lists current, and makes professional communication possible. Build relationships, and retain more business with dependable personal data.

Build better databases with validated contact data. 

Real Estate Industry

Searchbug provides data validation and data enhancement tools for identifying true property owners from scratch or creating contactable profiles from incomplete personal information. No matter where you get your leads from, Searchbug makes your lists more profitable.

Find and validate property owner contact data, and build actionable lead databases for hitting your sales goals.

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Big data errors mean big problems. Data validation protects you from bad data and ensures your big data drives big profits.

Get dependable data for big data processing and generating trustworthy insights.

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Data validation helps you mitigate the inherent risks of the financial world. Avoid high-risk clients, and keep your financial track record squeaky clean.

Verify personal information, build dependable client profiles, and evaluate financial backgrounds.


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Excellent education requires constant student contact. Data validation lets you know when students change addresses or phone numbers, even when they forget to tell you.

Stay in touch with students and staff with dependable data.

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Data validation helps your insurance business reliably contact and acquire new customers, and maintain open lines of communication with existing customers.

Improve your marketing campaigns, and reliably contact current customers with dependable data.

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Using data validation on patient contact information reduces appointment no-shows and protects your patient database from data entry errors and incorrect information on paper intake forms. Save time. Save money. Improve your patient relationships.

Validate patient contact information, and identify cell phone numbers for sending text reminders.

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Finding people is hard. Data verification and data enhancement make it easy, even if debtors are trying to hide. Get usable addresses, phone numbers, and even email addresses.

Find debtors and make more collections with validated personal data.

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Avoid calling disconnected and DNC listed phone numbers. Stop wasting text messages on landlines. Maximize the ROI of all your direct marketing campaigns. Searchbug data verification and data enrichment tools make your customer lists more dependable and more profitable.

Get verified contact data and empower your marketing campaigns

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Data enhancement eliminates the runaround of finding defendants and wading through false contact information.

Get verified personal data. Locate defendants, serve process papers, and close cases fast.

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Direct marketing is the most profitable. But, it only works if you have correct contact information. Data validation eliminates inaccuracies and maximizes your direct marketing ROI.

Verify email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers for direct marketing through any channel.

Get the Information You Need, and Manage It Better

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