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Missing contact information (e.g., name, phone number, email, address) will be added to your file.
See "What Data Can be Added to My File?" below for details.

After uploading, you will identify columns in your file and decide what info to append. You will need to either login or create a new account, pay, and when processing is complete, download your results.

Note: Free Business Account is required for ongoing batch processing. You will be able to process your first file with a quick registration. Before uploading your next file, please do not forget to upgrade your new account from Personal to Business.

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You are only charged for hits (matches). A hit is when we find any matching results for a record in your list. Example: 3 phone numbers found for 1 person = 1 hit.

Help and Instructions

  • Text (*.txt, *.csv) and Excel (*.xlsx) files can be uploaded.
  • In a Text file, columns can be separated by tab, comma or pipe (|).
  • Your file can contain one or many (up to 20) columns in any order.
  • The header row with column titles is optional.
  • The following input columns can used for searching additional information:

    • Business Name (e.g., ABC Plumbing)
    • First Name (e.g., Marc, Marcus, Marc James, M)
    • Last Name (e.g., Baker)
    • Street Address (e.g., 234 W Elm St, 4200 Kearny Rd Ste 119)
    • City (e.g., Los Angeles)
    • County (e.g., Orange, Suffolk)
    • State (e.g., CA or California)
    • ZIP Code (e.g., 90210)
    • Phone (e.g., 212-777-1234 or 2127771234 or (212) 777-1234 or 212.777.1234)
    • Email (e.g.,

  • Note: Rows with invalid or missing data will be skipped. Please review and clean up your file before submitting. It will help increase match rates. Example of invalid data: "234 W Elm St, Orange, CA" in one Address field. Street Address ("234 W Elm St"), City and State have to be in separate columns.
  • Please remove any blank lines from the file to avoid unexpected results.
  • We do not check for duplicates. You are charged for hits for each row of submitted data. Please remove duplicates data before processing, if you do not wish to be charged for them.
  • There is no limit on number of records.

You will be able to append name, address, phone or email to the records in your file. Use checkboxes below to indicate what data you need and we will show you what you should provide.

I need to get ... Phone Email Address Name (business or person)

Your file should include data columns with one of the following choices:

  •   | Person's Name | Address | City | State |
  •   | Person's Name | City | State |
  •   | Person's Name | County | State |
  •   | Person's Name | State |
  •   | Business Name | Address | City | State |
  •   | Business Name | City | State |
  •   | Business Name | County | State |
  •   | Business Name | State |
  •   | Business Name | ZIP Code |
  •   | Address | City | State |
  •   | Phone Number |
  •   | Email Address |
  •   | Person's Name |

* You will need to run your file twice to get both phone number and email for people records.

Select one or two data points you need (e.g. Email or Name and Phone)
Please select one or two data points (e.g. Email or Name and Phone). We cannot consistently append more than two data fields at once. You would need to run your file more than once to get multiple fields.

  • Once you upload the file and define searchable columns, we will show applicable append options based on your existing data.

  • Phone numbers we find, are the most recently reported numbers. It is possible that some of them may be disconnected. To verify if phone numbers on your list are active, use our Active Phone Number batch service.

  • Both first and last names are required when searching by person's name, with one exception. If you have full street address, you can search for phone number by Last Name, Address, City and State. The results will include matching first and last names too. An initial, instead of the first name is acceptable.

  • We will return all data we find, focusing on the main search purpose. Examples: 1) "Find Phone Number" results will add phone numbers and also include name and address. If you supplied Dan Baker at 123 Main St, we may return Phone Number for Dan Baker at 123 Main St Apt 2B and for Danielle Baker and 123 Main St Apt 18C. 2) "Find Email" will add emails and also include name and street address, if available. 3) "Find Name" will add names and also include address, and possibly phone number.

  • Processed results will be returned in a comma-separated (CSV) file with all originally uploaded data, plus additional columns with new data. Up to 5 records for each line of data can be added to your file as additional columns. Example: Name1, Phone1, Name2, Phone2.

  • Works for US only. Canadian data is not currently available.

  • Match rates depend on three factors:

    1. If data is available on SearchBug.
    2. Nature and quality of your input data.
    3. How you run your search. Let's say, you are looking for a phone number using person's name and address. If address is not current (e.g. person moved), SearchBug may not be able to find phone number, since we try to provide the most recent info. In this case, you may want to run a search by name and city/state, assuming that a person may still be the same city.
  • Note: These are average match rates for popular append services. Your rates might be different. Match rates do not guarantee accuracy. Data is aggregated and provided from many sources (see Where Does Your Information Come From) and is not checked for accuracy.
  • Data is provided "As-Is". Searchbug does its best to provide relevant information but cannot guarantee information provided is current. Data is updated monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on the source.
  • These are average match rates for popular append services. Your rates might be different.
  • Append Type Average Match Rate
    Find Name from Street Address 91%
    Find Name and Phone Number from Street Address 71%
    Find Address from Name, City and State 64%
    Find Name and Address from Phone Number 54%
    Find Phone Number from Name and State 53%
    Find Phone Number from Name and Street Address 45%
    Find Phone Number from Email Address 30%
    Find Email Address from Phone Number 37%
    Find Email Address from Street Address 34%
    Find Email Address from Name, City and State 25%
    Find Email Address from Name and Street Address 18%

    Here is the overview of the next steps:

  • Define "Searchable" Columns. We will show a preview of the uploaded file, where you will tell us what data you have in each column.
  • Decide What to Append. Based on data you already have, we will present possible append options and associated cost. Estimated time to process will also be displayed.
  • Payment. This step a bit different for existing or new users:
    • Existing users with a regular Pay-As-You-Go account; your saved credit card will be authorized for the shown amount. After your file is complete, we will use that authorization to charge your card, based on number of actual hits.
    • Existing users with a Prepaid account; your account balance will be used for the full payment. If number of hits is less than 100%, we will credit your balance accordingly and show proper charge in the reports.
    • New Users will be asked to sign up and provide a credit card. It's a quick one-page registration process. Our system will authorize your credit card and charge it when your results are ready. Some new accounts may be put on hold for a verbal verification process. If your account is on hold and the timing of your results are critical, please call our office at (800)990-2939 during business hours.

  • Processing. If payment is successful and your account is in good standing, the processing will start immediately. You can close your browser or use other SearchBug tools. You will receive email when file is ready. The new Batch Dashboard will allow you to monitor the progress and see details on all your recent batches.
  • Download Results. We will send you an email with a link to download the results, when ready. The output files can be found in My Account > Reports and the Batch Dashboard.

  • 15 Million Business records from public directories and private sources.
  • 220 Million Consumer records from public directories and private sources.
  • Social media profiles.
  • Registrations at various websites.
  • Premium cell phone and email databases.
  • Directory data used in the Standard service always contains the most recent data. The data is validated by numerous proprietary processes with frequent NCOA updates for both Business & Consumer lists.

  • You are only charged for hits. A hit is when one or more records are found for a single line of data in your list. Example: 3 names found for 1 address = 1 hit.
  • The cost range is from 4 to 20 cents per hit, depending on volume.
  • Before you commit, you will have a chance to see your maximum cost (assuming 100% hit ratio) based on the file record count and selected append option.
  • Use "Estimate your costs" above for a specific quote.
  • There is a $7.00 Minimum Charge for any results

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