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We have been the bulk Phone Validator experts since 2006. No other phone validator comes close to offering so many different ways to check phone number(s).

When you need to know if phone numbers are cell (wireless or mobile), landlines, toll-free or VoIP our phone validator has you covered. We validate and verify all line types for all North American Phone Numbers.

Do you need to know if numbers in your list are landlines, cell numbers, or VoIP numbers? Our do it yourself LNP tool identifies phone number type in real-time. Includes telephone carrier, OCN, and location. Service can also detect if numbers are active or disconnected. All services work for USA, and some for Canada.

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Help and Instructions

    • Text (*.txt, *.csv) and Excel (*.xlsx) files can be uploaded.
    • Your file can contain up to 20 columns in any order.
    • The phone number can be in any column and can be in any format (7604547301, 760-454-7301, (760) 454-7301, 17604547301, etc).
    • Columns can be separated by tab, comma or pipe (|). Unix, PC and Mac files are supported.
    • Your file can have a header row with column titles or not have it.
    • The Bulk Phone Validator service does not check for duplicate numbers or for rows that contain blank or invalid records. Please make sure your file only includes numbers you want to validate as you are charged for each row of submitted data.
      NOTE: Please remove duplicates and blank lines before uploading otherwise the phone validator will treat them as records and you will be charged for them.
    • There is no limit on number of records. You can upload files with thousands or even millions of records. You will be notified by email when processing is complete.
    • The results will be returned in a CSV (comma-separated values) text file. You can open CSV files with Excel. The file will contain all your original data with new columns added at the end. See the COMPARE SERVICE LEVELS section above on what's included for each service. Here are some details on the returned data.

    • Carrier.

      Standard Line Type service returns the ORIGINAL phone company (local exchange carrier) name. It's 60-80% accurate due to LNP (number portability) not being included in the Standard service.

      Advanced Line Type service returns the CURRENT phone company (local exchange carrier) name. It's 95% accurate as it includes LNP check. Advanced line type is included with DNC and Reachable service.

      ***Note: Name discrepancy may occur when one carrier is acquired by another. Additionally, VOIP numbers will not show the direct carrier (e.g. Vonage, Ooma, Google Voice or Skype), but rather a LANDLINE carrier (e.g. Bandwidth.com, Level 3 Communications) that has leased a range of it's numbers to the VOIP carrier.

    • Ported. Will return YES or NO.
    • Reachable Line Status*. The service offers a low-cost method of identifying phone numbers as reachable or not. The method is based on sophisticated algorithms and carrier data. The Standard service works for US only. These statuses are returned:
      • ACTIVE - Number is reachable
      • INACTIVE - Disconnected number
      • INVALID - Phone number does not exist (e.g. invalid area code or not issued)
      • UNKNOWN - Status cannot determined
      • *Accuracy. Some active numbers may be reported as inactive, especially if they have been issued or reissued within the last 60 - 90 days. Phone number accuracy can vary due to how old the numbers in your list are, where they were derived, line type, and regional or national carrier reporting. It's not uncommon to see a 5% - 15% variance in reporting active as inactive or vice versa. Lists obtained via number generator or other means have greater degrees of variance.

    • Line Type*. Identifies how phone is connected to the network. For the Standard service it's the line type of the original carrier. The accuracy is still close to 95%, as vast majority of phone numbers have been transferred from one mobile carrier to another, keeping the line type unchanged. Carrier reported by Advanced and Reachable Phone Number services is 99.9% accurate.
      • LANDLINE - Wired home or business number
      • CELLULAR - Wireless mobile number
      • VOIP - Landline number leased to a Voice over IP provider
      • UNKNOWN - Invalid or not yet issued number

    • DNC. The field will return NO if number is "clean", meaning it is not on any state or federal DNC list and it is not a DNC Complainer. Otherwise, the results will include one or more codes separated by | (pipe). The presence on a state DNC list will be marked with a two-letter state code, Federal - FED, DNC Complainer - CPL. Examples:
      • FED - Federal DNC only
      • TX - Texas DNC only
      • FED|TX - Federal and Texas DNC
      • CO|TX - Colorado and Texas DNC
      • FED|CO|TX - Federal, Colorado and Texas DNC
      • CPL - DNC Complainer
      • NO - Not on DNC list

    • SMS Email*. For cell numbers, SMS email (e.g. [email protected]) is provided
    • OCN. Operating Company Number (Carrier ID)
    • Location. Rate Center and/or Central Office location. It can be city name (SEATTLE), city abbreviation (NEWPORTBCH) or code (NWYRCYZN01)
    • State. 2-letter code for US State or Canadian Province
    • Time Zone. Time Zone of the phone number location (e.g. Eastern Daylight Time).
    • * Sending SMS or MMS email to Mobile Numbers. This is the simplest way to send text messages from the Internet or from your computer to mobile phones. These email addresses essentially act as a direct link to a carriers SMS gateway. Keep in mind that the length of an SMS email should be kept to fewer than 160 characters. If you are sending MMS there is typically no character limit, however, large files may be rejected by the carrier. While Searchbug provides this information with our Advanced Line Type Service and Active Phone Number Check, you, the end user, should have customer consent to avoid any FCC regulation infractions such as TCPA.

      SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) are both used in mobile phones for non-voice communications. SMS is typically used to send text, while MMS is typically used to send images, music, animations, or other interactive documents, or files.
    • Here is the overview of the next steps:

    • Define Columns. We will show a preview of the uploaded file, where you will tell us which column contains phone numbers.
    • Select Service Option and Submit Your Order. You will have a chance to review phone verification options (standard, advanced or active phone number) and select one. We will show the processing cost, based on selected service and record count. Estimated time to process will also be displayed.
    • Payment. This step a bit different for existing or new users.
      • Existing users with a regular Pay-As-You-Go account: Your saved credit card will be authorized for the shown amount. After your file is complete, we will use that authorization to charge your card.
      • Existing users with a Prepaid account: Your account balance will be used for the full payment.
      • New Users will be asked to sign up and provide a credit card. It's a quick one-page registration process. Our system will authorize your credit card and charge it when your results are ready. Some new accounts may be put on hold for a verbal verification process. If your account is on hold and the timing of your results are critical, please call our office at (800) 990-2939 during business hours.

    • Processing. If payment is successful and your account is in good standing, the processing will start immediately. You can close your browser or use other Searchbug tools. You will receive email when file is ready. The Batch Dashboard will allow you to monitor the progress and see details on all your recent batches.
    • Download Results. We will send you an email with a link to download the results, when ready. The output files can be found in Your Account > Reports and the Batch Dashboard.
    • Carrier billing systems
    • Real-time number portability check
    • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

    • Specialized telecommunication databases and live sources
    • North American Numbering Plan Administration
    • Canadian Numbering Administrator
    • Searchbug proprietary data and methods
    • Cost is based on number of records in your file and it goes down significantly with larger volumes.
    • Volume tiers start at 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000.
    • Use PRICING CALCULATOR tool above for a specific quote.
    • There is a $11.00 Minimum Charge
    • Search Tokens ($T) cannot be used as a payment for batch processing
    • Contact Us by email or Call 800-990-2939 (Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 4:00 pm PST)


Save time and Avoid TCPA compliance hassles

  1. You may already have compliance problems if you are not revalidating numbers. Millions of phone numbers are reassigned each year. Businesses who have received prior express consent cannot rely on consumers to inform them of a reassignment. You risk violating the TCPA by placing any calls with an ATDS to any number after it has been reassigned. The best course of action is to revalidate monthly.
  2. The cost of a class action lawsuit can be debilitating for your business. Companies of consumer-facing industries face a continued wave of class action filings under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). In 2018, TCPA lawsuits were one of the most frequently filed types of class actions in courts across the country. These Batch tools can help you avoid these lawsuits.
  3. It's inevitable, if you're marketing your services by calling or texting consumers you're bound to get some complaints filed against your business with the FCC and FTC. If you're not revalidating phone numbers every month you're in real jeopardy of increased complaints based on reassigned numbers alone. If you are doing everything you can to ensure your phone numbers are opt-in only, the next step is to ensure they haven't been ported or changed. You may even want to take it a step further and validate the owner name.
  4. Enhancing your phone database by identifying the line type can ensure you are using the best communication method for the type of line.