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Tenant Screening Eviction Check

Evicting a tenant is a costly pain

It can cost thousands of dollars to evict a tenant. If you are a multiple property owner or professional property manager you need a quick, low cost, effective method to screen tenants for previous evictions. Don't let a prior tenant eviction haunt you. Our low cost eviction check saves you time, hassles, and a lot of money, especially if it prevents even one eviction.


First Name
Last Name [required]
ZIP Code
How to Search for evictions
  • You can search either by SSN only or Name and Address.
  • When searching by name, Last Name is required.
  • For best results use SSN. Otherwise, search can take up to 30 seconds.

Eviction Results Typically Include
  • Case details and judgment amount
  • Important dates
  • Defendant and plaintiff details
  • Not all information is available for all records.

Information Sources
  • 9 Million previous evictions records in all 50 states<

Cost of Search
  • Evictions Search is $9.00 or 900 $T ($1.95 or 195 $T, if no results).
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