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Customer Care Global Overcame Business Challenge With Searchbug‘s Bulk Phone Validation

Customer Care Global encountered a significant hurdle in their operations that directly impacted their efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

Here’s how Customer Care Global uses Searchbug to enhance their communication strategies and ensuring compliance with industry regulations…


Mortgage Subservicer Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. Avoids Costly TCPA Fines

The TCPA carries special protections for cell phone numbers. Searchbug verifies phone numbers so companies can separate cell phone numbers from landlines in their databases. 

Here’s how Dovenmule Mortgage, Inc. uses Searchbug to maintain maximum outbound call volumes without incurring any TCPA fines.


Inc. 5000 Company, OnCore Leads, Optimizes Their Marketing Campaigns Through Data Validation

OnCore Leads’ main challenge before integrating with Searchbug was validating the contact information of marketing leads

Here’s how OnCore Leads uses Searchbug’ Phone Validation API marked as turning point for their marketing campaigns


Proxy Solicitor Okapi Partners More Than Doubles Their Contact Success Rate

Maintaining accurate contact information over long periods of time is a huge issue for every company. Personal data goes out of date incredibly fast. Searchbug enables companies to keep their contact information databases up to date, so that they can reliably reach people on demand.

See how Okapi Partners, a proxy solicitor, enables companies to reliably contact hundreds or thousands of shareholders whenever they need a shareholder vote.


How Telecom Powerhouse, IDAP, Became A Champion In The Eyes Of Their Clients

There’s no universal database for sorting  phone numbers by type. Unfortunately, successful text marketing and outreach requires accurately sorted phone numbers. Otherwise messages are wasted on landlines. Searchbug supplies the data businesses need to verify and sort phone numbers to maximize message receipts.

Discover how IDAP uses Searchbug phone number verification to ensure that their clients text messages are never sent to a landline.


Southwest Legal Services Streamlines Their Process Serving

Serving legal documents requires and correct and current addresses. Manually searching for addresses is incredibly time consuming. Searchbug batch append services enable businesses to verify hundreds or thousands of physical addresses in minutes.

Find out how Southwest Legal Services uses Searchbug batch append to save hours in serving process papers.


A Taxi Service Software Provider Saves Time and Money With Searchbug

Most apps use cell phone numbers for texting and two-way communication. Unfortunately, communication in the app fails if the user provides a landline. Searchbug’s phone validator API checks phone numbers in real time, so that apps can seamlessly ensure text messages never go to landlines.

Read how National Taxi Services simplified their app, improved their user experience, and saved money with the Searchbug phone validator API.