Proxy Solicitor Okapi Partners More Than Doubles Their Contact Success Rate

Company: Okapi Partners

Industry: Financial Services

Background: When an investor response is needed, public companies will hire a proxy solicitor. In many instances, these companies would need to contact hundreds or thousands of individual shareholders in order to solicit votes to support resolutions or board candidates. Okapi Partners is one such proxy solicitation firm …

The Problem: When an investor response is required it is absolutely imperative that publicly traded companies have the correct contact information for their shareholder base …

Enter Searchbug & Okapi Partners

These public companies turn to Okapi Partners to run successful outreach campaigns to their shareholders. They entrust Seachbug with the task of appending shareholder contact information …

… so that they can successfully make advisory calls. Searchbug’s powerful and inexpensive Batch Data Append tools allow Okapi to simply upload a CSV file, quickly appended it and reload it back into their database with which they can then begin their advisory calls.


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