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We started back in 1995 as a hobby of the founder while he was getting his PhD. In 2010 we got serious and added customer service and toll-free support. We were a lean and scrappy people search company frustrated with the scams and tricks used by others in the industry and decided to offer good data with transparent pricing.

No Setup Fees, No Monthly Minimums, and DIY Data services users could access any time of day or night. Today, we're a small nimble ecommerce company on the San Diego California Coast and we'd love nothing more than to help solve your business data problems. We know that bad data is bad for business, how can we help you?


Site launched in 1995 APRIL 1995 o

search-it-all.com launched as a hobby by Andre Polakoff while working at the Rockefeller University as a research scientist.

o 1995-1999 Added Tools

Added tools to search for people, businesses, jobs, health and legal info, travel, sports, shopping, package tracking, etc.

Named the best 1999-2000 o

Entrepreneur Magazine praised Search-It-All as the best place to hunt for e-mail addresses, phone numbers and street addresses.

Macworld maganize named Search-It-All as the best all-in-one search site in its expert guide to online searching

o 2000 Searchbug.com, LLC

Searchbug.com, LLC was created and site was renamed

Searchbug White Pages 2002 o

Partnered with Whitepages.com and InfoSpace to become their content distributor for People and Yellow Pages data

o 2003 Best People Search

Became an affiliate of Bestpeoplesearch.com, Noah Wieder (Founder)

People and Business search 2004 o

Started focusing on People and Business search, discontinued other services (shopping, job search, etc.)

o 2005 Searchbug popularity

Site popularity grew to 500,000 unique visitors per month

reselling agreements 2004-2009 o

Established content reselling agreements with Roomates.com, Reunion.com, PeopleFinders.com, InfoUSA, MelissaData, Superpages.com

o 2006 Verify Phone batch

First offered Verify Phone batch and API services

Merged with bestpeoplesearch.com JAN 2010 o

Merged with bestpeoplesearch.com and began moving services to searchbug.com platform

o 2011 membership subscriptions

First offered membership subscriptions to Public Records

Upgraded DIY Batch Processing Tools

New Offices 2012 o

Moved to New Offices at
Moonlight Beach, Encinitas CA

o 2013 Developer APIs

Developer APIs became available

Append Contact Info 2015 o

Added Append Contact Info batch and API capabilities

o 2018 automated batch processing

Fully automated batch processing and monitoring, added Bulk Dashboard

New Website 2019 o

Launched New Website

o 2020 Live Customer Chat

Added Live Customer Chat for real-time help during business hours

Extended Customer Service 2022 o

Extended Customer Service hours ... early mornings and weekends

o 2023 Live Customer Chat

Implemented Braintree payment system to enhace and improve platform security and offer new and multiple payment options