USPS Address Lookup and Address Verification

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When you use the Searchbug USPS Address Verification tool, you can be sure everything you send arrives at the right place. With our accurate postal mail checker, you won't waste another dime sending undeliverable mail.

While the USPS Address Validation tool is great for verifying postal mailing addresses, it also serves as a lead generation tool for businesses looking to generate more sales. This tool can be a perfect starting point for building your consumer leads!

For detailed guidance on using these tools to build your prospect list from the ground up, please refer to the 'helpful resources' at the bottom of this page.

House Number
Street Name
Street Type
ZIP Code
Find valid addresses on any street. Verify if address is valid.

No one knows USPS address verification better than Searchbug. If you've been looking for a low-cost USPS address validation tool without any subscriptions or memberships, this mail checker and USPS address lookup tool is the one you need.
How to Search
  • Enter as much or as little USPS address information as you have
  • When entering address, keep the house or building number and street name in separate fields
  • When entering street name, do not include directionals (N, S, W, etc.)
  • Street type (Ave, St, Rd, Dr, etc.) is optional. We recommend to leave it blank
  • USPS Address Verification Example:
    1. Enter a full address to verify it's a deliverable address
  • USPS Address Lookup Examples:
    1. Enter a street name without the house number plus a city and state or ZIP Code to get a list of all valid addresses on that street.
    2. Enter only a house number (no street name) and ZIP Code to get a list of addresses with that house number in that ZIP Code
    3. Enter ZIP Code only to get a list of all the street names in that ZIP Code.
    4. Enter a street name and one state to get a list of all cities and ZIP Codes with that street name

USPS Mail Checker Results Typically Include

  • Complete Deliverable USPS Mailing Address
  • USPS Address Type: Business / Residential, Highrise / Street / Rural / PO Box
  • USPS Address Status: Valid / Vacant / Non-Deliverable / APT missing / etc.

Information Sources

  • USPS (United States Postal Service) records

Cost of Search

  • $0.05 or 5 $T per list or per verification
  • There is no charge if the USPS information requested is not found
  • Search Tokens ($T) are needed to pay about search tokens
  • If you never used Search Tokens before, your first results are free.
    Plus, new users are eligible to get 500 $T free with any Search Tokens purchase.
Helpful Resources:
  • To create a reliable and accurate lead list, start by identifying the location of your target audience. You can even search broad geographic areas such as CITY/STATE or ZIP Code. Next, use the USPS Address Lookup tool to generate and download a list of valid addresses within those areas.
  • Want to take your lead generation to the next level? Now you can take your list and enhance the information with our Data Appending services to access the names, phone numbers, and email addresses linked to those valid addresses!
  • List-building Made Easy: How To Build Lead Lists From Scratch
  • 3-step Lead Generation Tips for Home Buying Real Estate Agencies