Prices for People Searches and Lookups

Searchbug pricing is based on a pay per use system. Spend as much or as little as you like! We charge on a per use or per query basis only.

Online Searches and Lookups use the same great data as our Batch and API services. Search Tokens ($T) are required for searches that cost $5.00 or less. You can save money when buying tokens in bulk. Search Tokens never expire.
No Contracts. No setup fees. No monthly minimums. Pay only when you use it.

Searches Available for All Users

SSN Verification Tools

Once you have Searchbug account you can apply for additional permissions to access SSN Verification tools. You will need to provide your business details and justify the need for SSN Verification. Sign Up

Restricted Access Searches

Professionals in financial services, collections, insurance, real estate, law enforcement, investigations, and other industries can request access to private regulated data sources not available to general public. More Info

Search Tokens

Search Tokens ($T) is a convenient way to pay for your Searchbug people searches and lookups. Search Tokens are required for all searches under $5.00. Get bonus tokens and save money when buying in bulk. Search Tokens never expire.

Limited Time Offer for New Customers: Sign up now and Get 500 Free Search Tokens with any $T purchase.
Select how many tokens you need and then click Buy Search Tokens
Spend Get $T Bonus $T EXTRA $T   
$5 500 0 + 500
$25 2,500 200 + 500
$50 5,000 500 + 500
$100 10,000 1,500 + 500
$250 25,000 5,000 + 500
$500 50,000 15,000 + 500
$1,000 100,000 40,000 + 500
Note: Search Tokens cannot be used to pay for API, Batch or Investigator services.
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