Apply for SSN Verification Access

The SSN Verification Add-on provides access to our special SSN Validator tool and our proprietary SSN/Name Match tool and the accompanied API for real-time access. Business documentation is required to gain access to the SSN Add-on. A valid business license from your city, county, or state, and a copy of the IRS notice showing your Federal Tax ID are required.

We invite any business to apply (publicly traded companies, partnerships, corporations, family owned business). Even a business operating out of a home office can be accepted, provided all documentation is in place.

No monthly minimums or long-term commitments.
Order only when you need it.

How To Access SSN Verification and SSN-Name Matching Tools

  1. If you already have a Searchbug account, please login
  2. Apply Now
  3. Remit $47.00 application fee
  4. The fee covers processing and business verification

  5. Collect supporting documentation
  6. Examples: IRS SS-4 form showing your Tax ID, Articles of Incorporation, Valid business license or certificate, Description of why you need this access, Business website URL, Business social media URLs.

  7. Send us the application package
  8. When ready, send us the application, service agreement and all required documentation to [email protected]

Once we receive and review your application package, we will begin to verify your business. Upon validation you will be notified about the results by our office so you can begin accessing the SSN tools. Total turnaround time for verification is typically 1 to 2 business days.

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Once approved, you will get access to ...