Court Judgment, Bankruptcy & Lien Search

Includes County, State & Federal Tax Lien Records

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How to run Court Judgment, Bankruptcy & Lien Search
  • Enter any information on the person you know. Last Name is required.
  • Verified Business Users can search by SSN only.
  • The search could be slow when looking for people with common names.

Results Typically Include
  • Any reported Bankruptcies or Foreclosures. City, County, State and Federal Tax Liens. Plus Civil and Federal Judgments, Tax Warrants, Notice of Defaults, Small Claims, or Suit Filed.
  • The most current filings (only 2-days after filing).
  • Debtor full name and addresses, filling type, judgement date and amount, count name and location.
  • Not all information is available for all records.

Information Sources
  • Specialized public filings sources

Cost of Search
  • Court Judgment, Bankruptcy & Lien Search Report report is $7.00 or 700 $T.
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