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Professional Skip Tracing Tools

If you're looking for the best way to find someone, this professional skip tracing tool will save your hours of work

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What is Skip Tracing?
  • Basically, a "skip trace" is the process of using the information you have about somebody to discover their current location.
  • Whether you're in the collections or financial industry or another industry professional that needs to locate people or verify important information, our skip trace tools may be just the solution you need. This skip trace tool is used to locate hard to find individuals, to validate employment information.
How to Search
  • Select DPPA and GLBA Purpose.
  • Search by SSN to get the complete skip tracing details in one step.
  • If SSN is not known, use two-step process:
    • Step 1 (Skip Trace Search). Search by name or address to find a correct person. For name searches enter full name and address or name and state (no city).
    • Step 2 (Skip Trace Details Report). It can be ordered for each found individual record with SSN.
  • Search by address without a name is also possible. Find current and previous residents as well as people associated with the address.

Results Typically Include
  • Skip Trace Search (by name or address)
    • Full name and aliases, known addresses with reported dates
    • Date of birth and SSN
  • Skip Trace Details (by SSN):
    • Full name and aliases, date of birth, age and SSN
    • Last known addresses and phone number
    • Previous addresses and phone numbers for current residents at previous addressees
    • Current neighbors (name, address, phone number) for all reported addresses
    • Relatives and associates with phone, address, age and SSN.
  • Not all information is available for all records.

Information Sources
  • Credit bureau repositories, DMV records, utility records, public records
  • Specialized sources not available to general public

Cost of Search
  • Skip Trace Search by Name or Address is $5.50 or 550 $T ($1.95 or 195 $T, if no results).
  • Skip Trace Details Report is $14.00 or 1400 $T ($3.95 or 395 $T, if no results)
  • Search Tokens are required for Skip Trace Search. You may use $T or a Pay as You go account for a Skip Trace Details Report.
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Read Drivers Privacy Protection Actopen in new window and and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Actopen in new window that regulate Skip Trace data usage.