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Reverse License Plate Lookup & Reverse VIN Lookup

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How To Conduct a Reverse License Plate Search

A reverse license plate search can be completed a few different ways.

  1. The first way, which can often be a waste of time is to visit the DMV and request this information directly. The DMV will require you provide a verifiable reason for the lookup and you will be required to show proof. DMV fees vary.
  2. The next way to get a reverse license plate or VIN number search is to use a public records website. Since DMV data is considered confidential and restricted, most public record websites can't give you access to DMV and vehicle records without proper due diligence. This is why Searchbug requires anyone needing access to this data apply for Restricted Access.
  3. Finally, if you don't qualify for Restricted Access or don't need a lot of reverse license plate or VIN searches you can hire a private investigator to conduct an assisted reverse license plate lookup investigation for you.
  4. Since each state has their own DMV restrictions make sure you know what you're getting before buying anyone's DMV or VIN Lookup services.

How to Search for DMV Records
  • Select DPPA Purpose.
  • Step 1. Find correct vehicle registration record by VIN or License Plate number.
  • Step 2. Get additional details for the vehicle.

DMV Results Typically Include
  • Summary Report Results
    • Name and address of the registrant and the owner
    • VIN and license plate number
    • Vehicle type, make, model, year and color
  • Additional Vehicle Details:
    • Current and previous owners of the vehicle
    • Owners' date of birth, sex, SSN and driver license number
    • Title and Registration details
    • Vehicle details (engine, mileage, etc.)
  • Not all information is available for all records.

Information Sources
  • Local DMV databases

Cost of Search
  • Step 1 (Summary Report) is $14.00 or 1,400 $T ($2.95 or 295 $T, if no results).
  • Step 2 (Additional Details Report) is $9.00 or 900 $T ($1.95 or 195 $T, if no results)