Property Records Search

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Examples: 123 Main St / Baker David / 123-456-78
Examples: Miami, FL / 11793 / Cook County, IL / CA

How to Obtain Property Records

  • You can select the type of search for Property Records either by address, owner name, or parcel id.
  • Enter the value to be searched.
  • Provide the location, it could be city, county, state or zip. It is required for any of the search options.
  • Click Search Now.

  • Note: Search by owner name is a 'Begins With' type of search. It is recommended to enter Last Name followed by First Name.
    • ex. 'Baker David' not 'David Baker'
    • ex. 'Company Long Name LTD' not 'Long Name LTD' or 'Company Name LTD'

Property Records Search Results Typically Include

  • Owner name, property address, size, type, elevation and assessed value.
  • Market value of land and building, acreage details, school and municipal ids.
  • Not all information is available for all records.

Property Records Report Information Sources

  • Deeds up to the current month
  • Assessment records for previous years
  • State and Local property records

Cost of Reverse Property Record and Full Property Details Report

  • A Detailed Report is $3.97 or 397 $T (no charge if no results)
  • Search Tokens ($T) are needed to pay about search tokens.
  • If you never used Search Tokens before, your first results are free.
    Plus, new users are eligible to get 500 $T free with any Search Tokens purchase.
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