Searchbug is Your Verified Data Connection. Online Lead Database. Validated Contact Information Source. Real-Time Contact Information Checker. Friendly Data Provider.

Information is the most valuable commodity on earth. Searchbug provides accurate contact information, on-demand.

No matter how badly customers need your technology or service, you can’t sell to them if you can’t reach them.

Think of how many leads are unusable because of customer typos and incorrect contact information.

Look at how many service calls are derailed because the physical address is wrong.

Consider the wasted time and money of calling a disconnected number for any reason—marketing outreach, customer service, or anything else.

The truth is that incorrect information is not only useless, it costs you a lot of money.

Get contact information that connects you with customers, every time.

Searchbug solves your customer contact information problems.

Our batch processing tools correct the inaccuracies in your customer contact databases. And, our data validation APIs ensure that any contact information you collect is correct.

Use Searchbug data validation tools to get any contact information you need.

Get verified data for every part of your business:

  • Verify customer contact information in real time for customer onboarding, lead generation, and customer service contact request webforms. Spot typos, fake email addresses, and other incorrect information before it even enters your databases.
  • Separate landlines from cell phones for text marketing, SMS customer service, and proprietary apps. Never send a text message to a landline or disconnected number, and protect yourself from TCPA fines.
  • Get valid physical addresses for setting up service on new accounts, customer service house calls, and direct mail marketing. Avoid giving your customer service teams the runaround that wastes time and money.
How to Append Contact Information in 4 Steps

Searchbug ensures that your lead generation efforts always produce usable leads and your customer service teams can reach customers anytime, anywhere.

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