Taxi Service Software Provider, NTS, Saves Time and Money With Searchbug

Company: National Taxi Services, Inc.

Industry: Retail

Background: NTS (National Taxi Services, Inc.) is a full-stack software provider for taxi companies. They provide everything from the backend call center software to the end-user interface …

The Problem: Brady Johnson, the CTO at NTS explains: “When we send a text message to a landline, and it fails to send, we still have to pay for that text message … ”

Enter Searchbug & National Taxi Services, Inc.

NTS turned to Searchbug to identify landline and cell phone numbers. The Searchbug API enabled NTS to embed the phone number validation process into their software and create a system that automatically identifies …

“It was kind of a pain before we started using Searchbug. We couldn’t really send any text messaging at all. We could only send text messages if we had explicit confirmation from the customer that the phone number was a cell phone …”


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