Searchbug Tools Enable eCommerce and Retail Businesses to Maximize Sales

Industry: Retail

These Tools Enable eCommerce and Retail Businesses to Maximize Sales

The Challenge:

A customer comes to your page. He adds a few items to his cart. He starts to checkout. Then, he abandons his cart. But, good news, he entered his email before he took off since you ask for an email first thing in the checkout process. So, your system automatically sends a cart abandonment email.

Cart abandonment emails have an excellent success rate.

So, sale saved, right? Wrong. Turns out the customer entered an invalid email address. The abandoned cart email bounces. The customer is never seen again.

The Solutions:

The best data verification process for eCommerce and retail businesses is a two-stage process that verifies data on the front end, as customers enter it, and then validates data once it is in the databases before it is deployed. This two-stage process requires both data integration and list cleaning tools to pull the best ROI from your data.


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