Successful Collection Agencies Know This Method Works

Industry: Collections Services


The Challenge:

Finding debtors is the heart of the collections industry. The biggest obstacle in locating debtors is getting their personal information.Often clients provide insufficient or incorrect data, and debtors can make themselves difficult to find.

Every state has a statute of limitations on debt. As soon as you get an outstanding account from your client, you are on the clock. And, depending on how long the client waits to send their debt to collections, the fuse can be pretty short.

The Solutions:

Collections agencies need data collection and verification tools that enable them to build a data collection system that helps them reliably find debtors fast.The less time you spend getting information about the debtor, the faster you can collect the debt for your client.

Searchbug provides all the tools that collections professionals need to build their data collection systems and streamline their debtor location process.


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