Payment Options

Flexible ways to pay for Searchbug services

Searchbug Payment Plans and Options

We offer two types of payment plans: Prepaid Plan and Pay As You Go Plan. Our Prepaid Plan is required for API access. It's also a great option for anyone who plans on using our instant online searches often and wants to save time and money as well as the hassle of having to approve multiple small charges to your credit card each time you order a paid search.

Prepaid Plans

A prepaid plan works just like a gift card (not a subscription). Each time you order an instant search the system will ask you to confirm the debit to your online balance (which comes from you prepaid funds). Prepaid accounts do NOT incur Automatic Charges.
  • Search fees are simply deducted from your account balance with your approval
  • Prepaid plans are available from $10 to $1,000
  • We notify you when your balance runs low and you choose to add funds or not
  • Your Prepaid balance Never Expires, those funds are yours until used
  • You can cancel anytime and request any remaining account balance be refunded back to your card
  • Online usage and reporting history shows details of every purchase
  • Business account admin can set up additional users to use same prepaid balance
  • Individuals can sign up with credit card
  • Businesses can use credit card or prepay with Check, PayPal, Chase Quickpay, Wire or ACH transfer
  • Prepaid plan is required for non-subscription API services
  • For API access only, you card is automatically charged when balance runs low to ensure uninterrupted service
  • There are No Automatic charges for instant online searches


Pay As You Go

Just as it sounds, you pay with a credit card every time you order a paid search. You are prompted to confirm the purchase, but you do not need to re-enter the credit card information. It's securely saved in your account. You will see a charge from Searchbug on your credit card statement for each individual search.
  • Requires valid credit card for both individual and business accounts
  • Fees are charged to credit card for each paid search
  • No discounts apply

Invoice Billing

If your business requires monthly invoices for accounting purposes we can accommodated this service for qualified accounts such as:
- Government Agencies
- Publicly Traded Companies
- Financial Institutions
- Medium to Large Companies whom require heavy usage and multiple users

Detailed invoices are generated monthly (you will see a negative balance accumulate in your account) and are payable by credit card, company check, Paypal, or ACH upon receipt. An industry standard credit application is required.

Note: A manual billing processing fee of $10 is waived only when invoice payments are automatically charged to a credit card on file. If you prefer not to keep a credit card on file with us for billing and you prefer other payment methods the processing fee applies. Discount pricing is available for accounts where monthly spending exceeds $250.

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