People Search Subscriptions and the Membership are Discontinued

Since we are simplifying our payment options with search tokens, and upgrading our data, our people search subscriptions and memberships will be discontinued until further notice. We noticed that our membership data accuracy wasn't really up to our standards, so we sourced several new data feeds and now our instant people search tools access the same high-quality enterprise-level data that our batch and API business customers have come to rely on. Go ahead and test our new data, we think you'll love it.

By disccountinuing our memberships, adding better data, and offering discounts via Search Tokens, users get access to better data at better prices without a monthly commitment. It removes any commitments or recurring charges associated with people searches. You're only charged for the number of searches you need. Plus, you can use the $T bonuses to get the lowest price on all types of quality people searches.

Note: If you have an active membership, you will have time to finish using it on the current site. No subscriptions will renew once the new site is launched in preview but your existing membership will last until it expires. If you have a membership and want to give the new website a spin, we'll give users with existing memberships 500 free Search Tokens so you can see the improved data quality once your membership expires. Simply call or email our support team when you want to try it.

Check out our New Site and Search Tokens ...