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Place Of Employment Search
Place Of Employment
Find out possible place of current or previous employment.

Knowing your subjects current place of employment is essential for successful debt recovery and collection efforts. Historical data can help vet or verify resume and CV Employment History. This tool does not guarantee the accuracy, but it's a great inexpensive way to start your research.

About this Search
  • Instant POE Search can be used to conduct a preliminary investigation for locating your subjects employer for debt collection and to verify resume employment history.
  • For wage garnishment purposes we recommed Verified POE conduicted by a professional investigator.

How to Search

  • You can search either by SSN only or provide Name and State in addition to SSN.
  • When searching by name only, you get many matching results, if name is common.

Results Typically Include

  • Current or historical employers
  • Last Reported Employer Name, Phone Number and Address; Reported Date
  • Not all data is available for all employment records
  • Sample Reportopen sample report in new window

Information Sources

  • Consumer Lending Applications, Bank Account Headers, Contributory Record Account Headers, Credit Reporting Agencies, and Third party compiled data
  • Millions of unique records are added each month

Cost of Search

  • Place Of Employment Search is $20.00 ($2.95 if no results).