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The Searchbug Online Batch Service Just Got Even Better

If you’ve been using the Searchbug online batch service, things are about to get better for you.

If you’re new to the service, welcome! You’re getting here at just the right time.

We’ve worked hard to develop new improvements to the service. Now they’re here!

Here’s what’s new and what’s been improved.

New: Premium Append

Our Append service is still available but has been renamed Standard Append. Why? Because we’ve added a Premium Append option for those looking for higher match rates, more cell phone numbers, and additional information associated with the name, address or phone number you already have.

In addition to all the updated contact data the premium append can add to your records, it searches additional data feeds from some of the most reliable information sources available.

The Premium Append service provides more thorough results, including:

  • Names and aliases (your file will include all found names and aliases).
  • Current and recent addresses reported within the last 3 years (we will also provide the date addresses were reported).
  • All known phone numbers, including mobile numbers
  • Date of birth and date of death, if the person is deceased
  • Relatives names and the month and year of their birth

Premium Append can be used to search for people by:

  • An Address with city, state or zip
  • First and Last Name with city and state.
  • First and Last Name and address.
  • A Phone number

If you want to compare, verify, or update old addresses or phone numbers, use the Premium Append. It will return all of the most recent addresses and phone numbers for each record in your file with dates reported so you can improve your data and increase communication results.

The Premium Append delivers comparable results to most Real Estate data skip websites and is ideal for any organization that needs high-reliability data. If your sales people or telemarketers are wasting time using old data, this tool will save you money.

These are the average match rates with our Premium Append service:

Premium Online Batch Service Match Rates

Compare this with our Standard Append average match rates (which are still quite high).

Online Batch Append Match Rates

Things to consider: 

  • Of course, your results may vary. Hit rates depend largely on the type and quality of the data you submit. 
  • Searching for or by email address or business name isn’t offered with Premium Append.
  • The Premium Append is currently limited to 1000 records per batch.

The best part about the Searchbug Premium Append Service is that you only pay for hits. There are no monthly fees, no sign-up fees, or long-term contracts. It’s a simple flat fee per hit.  If we find nothing, you pay nothing.

Improved: Append Results

Previous to this recent update, the results for our append service included up to five matches for each line of data on your list with each match in a different column (another comma separated value). This made it difficult to copy all the appended phone data into one usable column to export or import into a phone dialer or for addresses to copy them for a mailer.

This format prevented us from giving you all the data we found since adding hundreds of columns of data would not be easy to manage. 

Now, with the new data format we can include every single result we find. Regardless of whether our search turns up eight or eighty hits for one entry, they’re all included in your results. And, the best part is, that doesn’t affect the cost of the match.

Even if we find dozens or hundreds of matching names, phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses for one of your records, you’ll still only be charged for one match.

Append pricing varies based  on the number of records appended regardless of the number of records in your file. Obviously, more records in your file should mean more appends.  The higher your append volume, the lower your price per match gets.  If you want to get an estimate of your file cost, you can visit the order page and enter your quantity in the online real-time append estimator.

This improvement applies to both our Standard Append and our Premium Append services. Overall, the change makes Searchbug results more comprehensive and useful for businesses that need better data.

Improved: Append Results Format

Batch append results are still delivered in a comma-separated CSV file. The file will include all the originally uploaded data, with columns added for the data returned by our search. Your original data will be to the left of our first column called Record ID (see sample data in image below). 

The Record ID indicates which row your original record was in.  The Record ID is repeated for each match our append tool made to your record which helps indicate which of your original records have multiple matches.

The image below is an example of results (actual results are downloaded in CSV format and are not color coded or in a spreadsheet). This input example shows three records with first name, last name, city, and state.

The results file duplicates your rows for each match and appends as much data as we can find that matches your requested input. This gives you the most value of any append service since there is only one charge per Record ID found. If Record ID is blank, no results were found for that record and there is no charge for that record.

Batch Append Service Results Example

Online Batch Append Service Results Example

These improvements will make the Searchbug batch append service more reliable for companies with hardcore data demands while retaining flexibility for those who wish to take a more budget-driven approach.

Searchbug search data still comes multiple data feeds including millions of business records and hundreds of millions of consumer records. Our data is validated by several proprietary processes. And our business and consumer lists receive frequent NCOA updates.

If you’ve got an account, try out the new Premium Append service.

If you’re new to Searchbug, you can sign up and get better data here.

Then leave a comment or tag Searchbug on social media to let us know how you like the new services and improvements!