Reverse Cell Phone Lookup for a Pre-paid Cell Phone

When customers request the name and address linked to a cell phone, the search performed is typically called a reverse cell phone search or reverse cell phone look up.

Questions get asked about all the different free cell phone lookup searches or if there is a cell phone directory, however this article is about reverse pre-paid cell phones like Boost, Trac, Virgin, Cricket.

Q: Can you find the owner of a pre-paid cell number?

A. The quick answer is sometimes… It’s good news since our investigators have a good track record and a lot of times the investigators can find information on pre-paid cell numbers.

A lot of people seem to be getting pre-paid services, such as Cricket, Boost Mobile, Trac, and Virgin Mobile.

These services although prepaid do request the subscribers’ information at the time of the purchase and many people still use these numbers as their only phone.

As soon as you list a phone number on a document (at a bank, grocery store discount card, pharmacy card, enter sweepstakes, complete an online questionaire, join an online group) that number gets into all sorts of databases that private investigators and other officials can obtain.

Because these services are all prepaid, the customers personal information (name, address, etc) at the time they sign up for the service is NOT verified for billing purposes. Customer may still receive a bill otherwise risk missing a prepaid payment and getting the phone turned off.

The main difference with a prepaid phone is that there are no agreement, no contracts so if the bill doesn’t get paid (phony mailing address or something) the customer has to pay bill online, walk in, mail it in or phone it in to keep the phone on.

If you subject pays or reloads his service with his credit card the information on the account is usually kept current because the billing address on the credit card is captured. Otherwise it is up to the subject if he updates his address if a move occurs.

Most of this information is accurate unless for some reason your subject is trying to stay “off the grid”. There are still some prepaid services that are virtually impossible for the investigators to obtain information on such as TRAC phone. Trac phones are basically throw away phones and are one of the only untracable phones unless its been in service for a while and the person was using the number on some of the documents mentioned above. Even then, if they toss the phone and get a new one, the number is then disgarded since it’s rare that anyone would port a Trac phone number to other services.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is President and CEO of Intelligent eCommerce, Inc. and the founder of Bestpeoplesearch is a private investigator portal and Information Retrieval Services web site where investigators offer searches to businesses and individuals with specific search needs.
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  1. whose phone number is this
    whose phone number is this says:

    So, are you saying that the only way to truly have a private number is to use a prepaid service and to throw your phone away frequently? There are sites that give information on how to locate phone number owners, but this is the first I've heard about the privacy attributes of a prepaid phone.

  2. Reverse Cell Lookup
    Reverse Cell Lookup says:

    The only way you'll be able to find the owner of a pre-paid sim card is for that owner to publish the number themselves on a website, and you find it by an exact match search.

  3. Lookup Reverse Phone
    Lookup Reverse Phone says:

    Prepaid sim cards can be purchased without identification. They are used by many types of people including tourists and visitors. Because they are not traceable they are also used by persons doing activities which they do not want their identities to be traced. For this reason you will not be able to do a look up on a pre-paid sim card. Sorry!

  4. Caitlin at Buy Backlinks
    Caitlin at Buy Backlinks says:

    This sound promising. Do you really think we can access the phone number? Because I think I'd be scared of this tool, if ever.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This was the most interesting article I have come across on learning how to trace a prepaid mobile number. I personally have always thought that most "reverse cell phone" directories would not be able to easily track these numbers – and that some kind of more thorough investigation would need to done. This post shed light on that, so thanks!

  6. Noah Wieder
    Noah Wieder says:

    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for comments. My only issue with phone detective is that you can enter any number even numbers that are not real numbers in the USA or Canada like 123-456-7890 and it will show no results found and that's it? Not that it's a bad number. And if I enter my company number 760-454-7301 It shows me that Full Results are available but when I click continue it wants to charge $39.95 for a full membership or $14.95 for one report.

    Why would someone want to pay $14.95 when they can use the SearchBug Reverse Phone Lookup tool and get free white and yellow page info (which shows all info free) and if it's not found in published directories then to search public records and those special private databases is under $5 and only if information is found. There is no fee if info is not found. Most of the sites you advertise on your squidoo link are affiliate sites that upsell customers. It's very confusing to consumers.

  7. Frankie
    Frankie says:

    There are different existing websites and services for reverse lookup and it is best to choose the most dependable option when tracing cellular phone calls. Of course, learning the exact functions is important to complete the process.

    • Sarita
      Sarita says:

      Hello Frankie,
      Our Private Investigators have access to information that we as common people do not. Our Reverse Cellular Number Search is not just a database search. A live Private Investigator will search your number for the current associated Billing Name Billing Address and carrier information.

      Please take a look at the link for all of the details on our search. This is also the order page should you choose to place an order. Let us know if you have any questions.

      Thank you

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