I have the SSN for someone can you find them?

I have the SSN for someone can you find them?

Q. I have the SSN for someone can you find them?

A. This is a question we get all the time. We usually request a little more information because the Private investigators that provide their services to Bestpeoplesearch.com have several different searches that would answer this question. We will discuss some of the differences below.

  • A Basic People Search By name, address or SSN:
    A good basic and inexpensive search and is conducted manually (unlike our automated instant people search that lets you connect to several proprietary database systems and search using name).

When the investigator conducts this search your report includes records from up to six (6) different sources compiled into one easy to read report. It includes any names & any aliases found associated to your subject’s SSN.

It also includes the most currently reported address first, then all associated address history (included all previous addresses found, some going back as far as 1980’s).

Why this search:
I recommend this search if you are looking for an old friend or researching family history (if you only have a name this search works well too). This search is a great “jumping off” place to see what information is out there and associated with the name and/or SSN you have.

Unfortunately, the last reported address found is not always going to be the current residence of your subject. However, if you are not sure what state someone lives in or has been in for the last 10 – 20 years, or if you think they are not the kind of person to move around a lot, this would be the most cost effective search for your purposes and includes a lot of info.

This search can often lead to more successful searches on your own given the amount of information it will reveal about your subject if you don’t have much to start with.

Often times, you can send mail to the addresses provided and request forwarding information from the post office or write a note on the outside of the envelope for current residents to open and ask if they know of your subject’s whereabouts and leave your address or phone number where they can reach you to help in your pursuit.

  • Find Phone Number & Address:
    A better intermediate level search.
    This search is considered the next best search after a basic search above, as it costs a bit more due to the amount of time, effort and additional expense the investigators have to go through.This search has two options:
    a. Search with your subject’s SSN. I recommend this for people in a hurry to locate someone such as if there was a death in the family and you can’t find accurate or current information elsewhere about relatives and you need to contact them to make them aware of arrangements. Also, if you have used the basic search and the address was not current, this search is the logical next step. This search is often used by children looking for biological parents, family members & friends looking to reconnect. We’ve even had several gentlemen use it to find their significant others father to request her hand in marriage.
    b. Search without your subject’s SSN is designed so that your assigned investigator will locate an SSN if one has not been provided. With either search your assigned investigator will check to see if there are any public utilities located in your subjects name. This is not the same as the guaranteed address search that is verified, however, generally speaking if someone has electricity or other utilities in their name at a specific address they more than likely live there, are the landlord of the address, or someone residing at the address knows the person paying the bills. This search does take longer than the basic search (about 7 business days to complete).
  • Guaranteed Current Address Search:
    Our Best People Search. This search is unlike any search on the Internet today. This is our most comprehensive search and our competitors know it. Often copied never duplicated. This search provides verbal verification by your assigned investigator that your subject lives at the address given in your final report. This search takes 18-22 business days to complete due the comprehensive nature of this search and the verification process. Once an address is located for your subject it is then personally verified by your assigned private investigator. It is an intensive and extensive search. This search is most frequently used by Process Servers, attorneys, and individuals seeking to locate an address for other legal purposes where a current address is a must.

    Because it is such an intensive search and it does take longer to complete, the results are guaranteed correct on the date of the report.

    This is the most costly of the people search searches due to the work required by your assigned investigator. The investigators have assisted many people in reuniting with family & friends as well as to serve individuals with legal paperwork, locating debtors to collect on judgments and for many other matters. We have a lot of repeat law firms that rely on this search for their everyday needs.

We hope this blog helps you understand some of the different ways to locate someone using a name or Social Security Number. Best People Search has a search for every situation & budget. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re frustrated by all the online scams and phony “people search consumer-review sites” and have wasted money with other sites that don’t even post a customer service phone number or contact address we welcome you t
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is President and CEO of Intelligent eCommerce, Inc. and the founder of bestpeoplesearch.com. Bestpeoplesearch is a private investigator portal and Information Retrieval Services web site where investigators offer searches to businesses and individuals with specific search needs.
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  1. dana
    dana says:

    i want to find my step-daughter she moved to kentucky with no forwarding adress,i have a small claims against her and she is hideing from paying it i have her phone number and social security help me find her oh and for free

    • Noah
      Noah says:

      While our investigators offering assisted skip trace services could probably find your step-daughter, it could involve several hours of work, and unfortunately, people don’t work for free. If you’re really serious about finding her, you can try to do the footwork yourself, hire a private investigator locally out of your yellow pages (probably $500 – $1000) or you can hire an investigator for a flat fee from https://secure.bestpeoplesearch.com/c-EL,Service.aspx

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