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Cloud PBX Phone System for Small Business Complete Guide

Cloud PBX Phone System for Small Business: Complete Guide

Cloud Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. Unlike using a traditional PBX system that requires you to heavily invest in purchasing, installing, and maintaining on-premises equipment, implementing and managing a cloud PBX phone system is much less expensive and time-consuming, making it an attractive solution for small businesses. […]

Spam Phone Number

Spam Phone Number Lookup and a Contribution to Personal Safety  

According to various reports and studies, millions of Americans face phone fraud attempts annually. Lindsey LaMont of Truecaller reported in May 2024 that over 56.2 million U.S. Adults were impacted by the spam and scam call epidemic in 2023. The use of Artificial Intelligence in crafting scam calls and texts is on the rise, enhancing […]

Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID Spoofing and How to Trace an Unknown Number with Reverse Phone Lookup

Caller ID spoofing is one way scammers are able to impersonate trusted entities to get individuals to release sensitive information or money over the phone. However, many people receive other kinds of spam calls from unknown numbers every day. Fortunately, with the right tech tools and awareness, you can protect yourself from fraudsters and oftentimes […]

What is call forwarding

What is Call Forwarding?

Ready to set up call forwarding for your business? Roughly 60% of consumers say they prefer calling small businesses on the phone and asking questions about in-stock products, pricing, hours of operation, and more. Since you might not have an employee handling your phone around the clock, call forwarding is one way to ensure customers reach […]


How Customer Care Global Overcame Business Challenge With Bulk Phone Validation 

Effective communication is the backbone of success in the digital age, especially in sectors where precision and compliance are mandatory. One industry that requires not just diligence but also an innovative approach to communication and compliance is debt collection. Customer Care Global, a standout debt collection agency, discovered a powerful solution to enhance and speed […]

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How an Inc. 5000 Company, OnCore Leads, Optimizes Their Marketing Campaigns Through Data Validation

Achieving success in the digital marketing space requires precision, especially when it comes to managing lead information. OnCore Leads, recognized on the Inc. 5000 list for its outstanding performance, has mastered this aspect by leveraging data validation. This blog discusses how OnCore Leads uses Searchbug’s Phone Validation API to refine its marketing strategies and improve […]


How a Phone Validator Can Boost Your E-commerce Fraud Prevention and Customer Trust

 Hey there! If you’re running an e-commerce business, you know how crucial it is to keep things smooth and secure. One tool that’s becoming increasingly important in this digital business setting is a phone validator. This tool verifies phone numbers and is the perfect partner for fraud prevention and building customer trust. In this blog, […]