New Private Investigators Available on SearchBug

New Private Investigators Available on SearchBug

SearchBug already allows you to find someone you are looking for in a specific city or state, but now additional search features have been added to the website. New private investigator services are now available on SearchBug. Expand your search and learn more about a person than just his or her basic information. This feature is perfect for landlords since you can learn about a new potential tenant and whether or not he or she is fit for living in one of your units.

How Can Landlords Find a Private Investigator Helpful?

When you narrow your search for tenants to rent one of your properties to a selected number of candidates a private investigation can help determine the most promising individuals. Private investigators can check a person’s current employment status to determine if this section on his or her application is accurate. Another useful search that a private investigator can conduct is pre-employment background screening. Look at the average amount of time an applicant usually holds a job. An applicant that changes employers often is a red flag for someone that might be unreliable to produce a reliable income.

An important factor to consider when renting out property to a tenant is his or her ability to commit to paying rent on time. Order a private investigator to search through someone’s credit score and bank records. A credit score is usually a good indicator on a person’s willingness to commit to paying on time. Private investigators can go a little further than getting you credit scores; they may even be able to provide you with how much an individual has on account balances. The truth is some people lie when filling out paperwork to rent or lease an apartment or room. Let a private investigator inform how reliable a prospective tenant is by comparing their findings to what is presented to you.

Background checks and criminal records are at the top of the list things landlords are interested in. If you are a new landlord then this is a search that you should always have done on a potential tenant. You want to trust your tenant isn’t going to cause any trouble when you rent a unit to him or her. Figure out if it is worth your trouble to rent out a particular unit to a tenant. A criminal record search can provide you with information on arrests, charges, and offenses someone has on file. Background checks deal with informing you whether or not someone has been bankrupt in the last 10 or 15 years, any concealed weapons they have registered, or corporate affiliations. Get to know a tenant a bit so that you will understand if he or she would be a good fit to live in one of your units.

Any inaccuracies found are indicators that an applicant is distorting the truth and should not be considered as a tenant. Allow a private investigator help you find tenants you can trust to move in to your property. A thorough search can prove to save you from a potential problem.  This new feature is available at investigator process. This added in-depth search from a trained professional is helpful for landlords.

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