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2023 Year-End Special: 7 Major Upgrades Searchbug Made This Year 

Just like that, 2023 is almost over! But before we say goodbye to this eventful year, we at Searchbug want to take a moment to connect with you. It’s been a year of growth, innovation, and significant enhancements to our platform, and we’re excited to review these updates with you. As we reflect on the […]

Top 10 Cybersecurity Scholarships You Would Want to Apply for

 Top 10 Cybersecurity Scholarships You Would Want to Apply for in 2023 

Successfully applying for a cybersecurity scholarship means completing many crucial requirements, including the obligatory need to write an essay or a personal statement. Students may need help with papers that require strong writing, structuring, and formatting skills. If you are still determining whether you can complete a comprehensive essay to apply for a cybersecurity scholarship, […]

New Year Highlights


It’s another one-for-the-books here at Searchbug, and we’re glad to share it with you! Before officially welcoming 2023, let’s look back at what we achieved this year. WHAT’S NEW IN SEARCHBUG     SIMPLIFIED SIGNUP PROCESS In May 2022, Searchbug implemented a major change to help new account users onboard quicker. Instead of 3 different account types […]

Cummulative Pricing

What is Monthly Cumulative Volume-Based Pricing?

Searchbug has already offered volume-based pricing. This keeps costs down for us so that we can pass that savings on to you. Now, the deal gets even sweeter.  Monthly cumulative volume-based pricing for bulk uploads minimizes the cost per record for any bulk search within a given month. We’ll tell you how it works. The […]

Searchbug Joins Responsible Data Alliance to Ensure Data Protection

Searchbug Joins Responsible Data Alliance to Ensure Data Protection

As a search company that provides quality data with transparent pricing, Searchbug has joined Responsible Data Alliance (RDA) to safeguard the privacy of at-risk people.  RDA is a group of companies dedicated to decreasing the amount of information available to the public about people who are regarded to be in the “Protected People” category. These are […]

What are Searchbug Search Tokens via Searchbug

What are Searchbug Search Tokens?

If you’ve been exploring, you might have noticed Search Tokens ($T). Search Tokens are a form of payment that can be used for a number of Searchbug services. There’s no need to worry. Search Tokens are quick and easy to use, and you’ll find that by using them you actually get more for your […]