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How to Send Valentine’s Day Gifts to Your Customers

There’s a man in Detroit named Joe Girard who holds the record as the “world’s greatest car salesman” in the Guinness Book of World Records.

He sold Chevrolets on the showroom floor and averaged more than five cars and trucks sold every day.

His sales raked in a salary of over $200,000 a year. And his method was remarkably simple: he sent holiday cards to his entire rolodex every month.

The cards were themed to match the holiday of the month. But, aside from the greeting, the cards only said one thing:

“I like you.”

This guy crushed it selling cars.

Maybe you don’t have the time or resources to send cards to your entire contact list every month. That’s normal. But if there was ever a time to send a card that says, “I like you,” Valentine’s Day would be that time.

However, there’s a variable in this formula that you must have for this tactic to work: accurate contact information. It won’t do you any good to send Valentine’s Day cards or flowers to the wrong people.

Here’s how you make sure your Valentine’s Day treats get delivered.

How to Get Addresses for Valentine’s Day Cards

You can just send gifts to the address you have on file. However, people move rather frequently. Customers also make mistakes when they write or type their addresses. So your address book likely has plenty of outdated and incorrect entries.

Searching social media and Google can turn up some results. But there’s no way to verify if those are any more accurate than the addresses you have.

There are better ways to ensure that your Valentine’s Day goodies don’t go to waste.

Instant Individual Search

If you need just a few addresses, an instant individual search will provide verified contact information for an individual based on the data you have.

The easiest way to check addresses with instant individual searches is to do a search by name and a search by phone number. Check the address that your search finds against the address you have on file. If the address you have is different, use the address the individual search found for sending gifts.

Bulk Address Search

Here’s an interesting fact about Joe Girard, the car salesman: his contact list had over 13,000 names. It stands to reason that the more people you can send cards to, the more responses you’ll get.

But, if you need to validate a lot of addresses, it’s most efficient to do it in bulk.

A quality bulk address search tool, like the Searchbug Batch: Append Contact Info service, will find updated addresses for as many names as you can feed it.

Simply export your contacts to a .txt, .csv, or Excel file. Remove the addresses so that you just have a list of names and phone numbers. You can also search by name and email address. If you don’t have phone numbers or email addresses for all the names, that’s no problem. A list of names will work.

Upload your list to the batch processing service. When you get the results, compare the verified list with your old contact list to find out which addresses you need to update before you send Valentine’s Day packages.

And that’s it!

Send anything you want to the updated addresses. You’ll save a lot of time and money this way, since you won’t waste mail on incorrect addresses.

So, send out those Valentine’s Day cards. We already know they work. Joe Girard proved it.

If you need verified addresses for your Valentine’s Day mailers, check out the Searchbug instant individual search tool or the Batch: Append Contact Info service, and get contact data you can depend on.