How to Use Email Verifier to Maximize Your Email Marketing Database this Holiday

How to Use Email Verifier to Maximize Your Email Marketing Database this Holiday

Email verifier is an important tool when it comes to planning your marketing campaigns, holidays or not. However, you will want to take advantage of increased consumer spending during the holidays. That means you will want to develop a strong holiday marketing campaign, which means you will need to double check, or verify, your email lists for accuracy right before you roll it out.

The holiday season is already upon us, so if you are a little behind, don’t worry. It is a good idea to start planning ahead for next time. Whether you run an established company or small business, emails should be part of your marketing plan. Keep reading to find out the value of holiday email marketing and the benefits of email verifier.

Why Email During the Holiday Season?

You probably already know the value of email marketing. Email marketing can be a high-converting traffic channel. It delivers the highest ROI of all marketing channels. And it is especially impactful during the holiday season when most people increase their shopping and spending. 

If people are already expecting to spend money and make purchases, you want to be one of their options. You might worry that, since email marketing is so widely utilized, consumer inboxes might be oversaturated this time of year with holiday marketing emails.

However, if everyone else is doing it, you should too! (At least in this case….) In order to keep up with your competition, you need to be in the front of your leads’ minds. As consumers look for sales, deals, specials, and the perfect gifts, make sure they think of you. 

Holiday email marketing can help increase holiday sales, maximize revenue, and set you up for the new year. A good marketing campaign creates awareness and gives you a competitive edge—if done right. To effectively email your lists during the holidays, consider how much to email and when.

How Much Should You Email During the Holidays?

Despite any doubts you might have, email marketing is not an oversaturated solution. Consumers can always unsubscribe from unwanted emails. If you’re strategic and intentional with your campaign, you can make sure your emails beat out the competition.

You probably fear that sending too many emails can irritate your recipients and make you look spammy. But the holidays are an exception—it’s hard to over-email during the holidays. 

First, recipients aren’t as easily annoyed as you might think. Most people expect an influx of marketing emails during this time of year, and 91% of consumers have little problem with promotional emails. Remember, consumers are especially on the lookout for sales and gift opportunities during the holidays. 

Fifteen percent of consumers say they wouldn’t mind getting emailed every day, and you might even consider emailing more than once a day. This allows you to catch a wider range of audiences, and you are more likely to land your emails at an optimal time for your recipients to open them.

Since competition is more intense during the holidays, it is better to send (too) many emails than not enough. Any lapses could allow a competitor to slide in, plus you risk missing out on exposure and sales. According to Retention Science, customers who make purchases through email generally spend 138% more money than those who do not receive promotional emails.

Keep in mind, though, that your email marketing campaign is only as good as your data. When was the last time you updated your email lists? Don’t worry: email verifier makes email validation quick and easy.

How to Use Email Verifier to Maximize Your Email Marketing Database

Email verifier could not be easier. Just enter the email address, and click Verify! Verify email address lookup is great for personal use or single email addresses you might receive periodically. But if you want to verify an entire email marketing database, you will want to check them all at once to be efficient. 

By using a self-service batch email verifier, you can upload an entire list to verify its accuracy. Just upload your .txt, .csv, or .xlsx file, indicate the information you’d like returned, review cost, process for a few minutes, and download the results!

It’s a very simple set of steps, but what does it do exactly? This 27 point bulk email validation identifies valid, invalid, disposable, toxic, and catch-all email addresses from your list to prevent email bounces and increase email deliverability. Email verifier can also identify abuse addresses owned by users who often mark emails as spam so your emails go to the inbox.

The more accurate your email marketing database is, the more you can increase engagement, conversions, and inbox delivery. More consistently successful inbox delivery keeps email bounces to a minimum which allows you to maintain a good email sender reputation. This ensures the success of future email campaigns.

How to Protect Your Sender Reputation

So what happens if you don’t verify your email lists? Working with outdated and incorrect email data puts you at risk of not only email bounces but also wasting resources emailing recipients who will never see your message.

Between 7% and 21% of all email addresses entered on web forms and registration sign-ups are either fake, invalid, or misspelled. So if you have mistakes entering your database, intentional or not, you want to catch them and either try to fix them or at least avoid using them or try to fix them. That’s where an email verifier comes in. 

When you use an email verifier, you can delete toxic emails that have domains known to be used by bots. You can identify errors that result in invalid email address formatting (maybe it’s missing @ or domain). Validate email addresses to ensure that the emails you have are active and safe to email. Identify “do not accept” email addresses that can only send emails and not receive them. And, identify email addresses that are only spam traps.

Cleaning these mistaken email addresses before you use them minimizes your bounce rate, protects your sending reputation, saves you time and money, and increases open rates, conversions, and sales.

Use Email Verifier to Maximize Your Email Marketing Database this Holiday

The better, more reliable your data is, the more successful your marketing campaigns will be. Knowing that you are working with the most accurate, up to date information allows you to make strategic marketing decisions that actually work. Your metrics are also more accurate and reliable when you use the best, cleanest data. Don’t let email bounces hurt your sender reputation. Don’t waste time and money sending emails to accounts that won’t open them. And don’t miss out on lucrative holiday marketing opportunities. Get started today!