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These blogs include free resources on email verification and appending. For example, you may learn tips and tricks on verifying email addresses for your company.

When to Use SMS Email Addresses and How to Get Them via

When to Use SMS Email Addresses and How to Get Them

You’re aware of email and text message as popular forms of communication and two of the best for business and marketing. But did you know you can send emails as texts too? You might wonder what the difference is. Both email and text messaging have their advantages and where one lacks the other serves as […]

Protect Yourself from Email Spoofing - Searchbug

How to Protect Yourself from Email Spoofing

Email spoofing is a cornerstone of spam, malware, and worm attacks. These attacks on personal email addresses are bad enough. But, an email cyber attack can be devastating if it breaches a business email database. So, understanding email spoofing and knowing how to stop spoofed emails are critical for protecting your customer information and business […]

How to Verify Email Addresses Without Sending Emails via

How to Verify Email Addresses Without Sending Emails

Usually, free email verification means sending an email to see if it will bounce. However, you can verify an email address without sending an email. In fact, there are two ways to do it: an easy way and a hard way. As you may have guessed, the hard way is free. The easy way costs […]

The Best Way to Improve Email Deliverability - Searchbug

The Best Way to Improve Email Deliverability (and Delivery)

When it comes to email deliverability, there’s a lot of obsession over the technical aspects of getting into the inbox: email authentication, IP address warmup, sender reputation, and other things. All of these things are important for the success of your email campaigns. And, you want to make sure you’re handling them correctly. However, focusing […]


How To Whitelist Emails So That You Get Them (Including ours!)

I have an older sister that sends me email periodically. I have to dig through 700+ pieces of junk mail to find it, though, and I hate doing that. There are times I’ll go a week without replying to her because digging through the junk is too much for me. Thankfully, I recently learned that […]


Easy Tips You Need to Know to Avoid Email Bounce

An astonishing 215.3 billion emails are sent per day [1]. If you’re like most companies, you probably want taking advantage of email marketing or use email to create a Facebook custom audience for sponsored posts. Searchbug’s Email Batch Append service has certainly gained popularity for these marketing tactics.


IP Addresses and Spam

There are over hundreds of thousands, if not more, of IP addresses used all over the world. The addresses are used to accurately identify the name and ownership association of a computer system, and can very often contain multiple IP addresses within one system or sets of systems. Spam is also another one of those […]