5 Benefits of Using Email Validator on Holiday Email Marketing Strategy  

The holidays are a time of celebration, which means lots of shopping and sales. But how can you be sure that the emails you send out get delivered? It is the first week of December. This is an excellent time to ensure that your email contact list is up-to-date and ready for your holiday marketing campaigns. You can achieve that whopping increase in sales this year by using this powerful tool — email validator.

The holiday season is the busiest time for many businesses, particularly retailers. In fact, holiday sales in 2018 were up by 30% compared to 2017, totaling more than a trillion dollars. This was the first time holiday retail sales crossed the $1 trillion mark.

And the good thing about this is that about a quarter of the generated sales came from email marketing.

Importance of Email Marketing for Holiday Sale Promotions  

Email marketing has proven repeatedly to be one of the most effective digital marketing strategy. This strategy is one of the best ways to nurture potential customers and turn them into paying customers. This is why your holiday sale should not be an exception from email marketing.

This channel is a great way to reach your audience and get them to buy from you during these holidays. You can use email marketing to inform your audience about new products or services, promote holiday sales, increase sales, and improve customer service.

Whether you’re an established company or a small business, email marketing is a must for your marketing plan.

Sending out emails alone won’t give you enough leverage. It would be best to have a solid email marketing campaign tailored for the holidays to ensure that your audience becomes your customer.

Your audience needs to see your email first, but that would be a challenge if you have a tremendous bounce rate, low open rates, and low email deliverability.

But don’t fret! There is a way to solve these problems: by using an email validator to validate your email list on your CRM or old list.

Email Validator: Definition  

An email validator checks that any email addresses within your email list are valid and deliverable and that there are no errors with the addresses.

It can identify errors in an email and tag its status as invalid, spam trap, or high-risk email.

Aside from that, an email validator can also do these:

  • Remove emails that have domains used by bots
  • Identify invalid formatting of email addresses
  • Identify if an email can only send emails and not receive
  • Find out if email addresses are spam trap
  • Ensure that the emails are valid and safe to email

How Does an Email Validator Help Improve Sales on Holidays  

One of the best ways to improve your email marketing these holidays is to cleanup your list. Using an email validator ensures that all of the emails on your list are valid. If they turn out to be invalid, you can correct or replace invalid email addresses to make them qualified.

Ensure Contacts Are Real People  

According to statistics, an average of 7% – 21% of all email addresses entered on web forms and registration sign-ups are either fake, invalid, or misspelled.

The reason for this high figure is usually caused by human error, wherein users either purposely provided a fake email address or entered their email address incorrectly. Either way, you should detect this before sending emails, as it affects your email campaigns.

Fix Incorrect Email Addresses  

Once the email validator detects the invalid email addresses, you now have the power to correct and replace them if they are typographical errors or formatted incorrectly.

An email list usually contains the recipient’s name, email address, and location. If their email is invalid, you may use a People Search tool or a Data Append tool to find their most updated email address.

If there are a few invalid email addresses in your list and you want to find the right one, opting for a people search tool would be great as it is for single searches.

However, a Data Append tool is great if you have a long contact list with at least 10% or more invalid addresses. Why? Because it will automatically process finding emails for you instead of manually entering names and locations on a People Search tool to find emails.

Email Validator Reduces Bounce Rate  

Your ultimate goal should be to reduce your number of bounces as possible. A high metric for bounce rate means that the email you sent was rejected and did not reach the intended recipient.

One of the reasons for a high bounce rate is incorrect email. This is called a hard bounce, which means you’re trying to reach an email address that seems missing or has typographical errors.

Email bounce can also happen when the email recipients have full inboxes. It happens when they can no longer accommodate new ones unless they erase messages to accommodate the new ones. This is called “soft bounce” and is only temporary. You can send your holiday email campaign again soon.

Increase Open Rate  

Seeing a high open rate is already a success in the making. You got the audience’s attention and made them click on your holiday promotional email.

But to ensure that your emails have a good chance of getting noticed, you also need to check first if your audience can actually hear from you. There is no chance of getting noticed if emails bounce.

Aside from that, work out your subject line. You can use a free subject line tester online to check if your subject lines are click-worthy.

Incorporating an email validator and free online tools like a subject line tester could guarantee that your emails get delivered and drive conversion.

Protect Your Overall Sender Reputation  

Sending emails to invalid addresses has a huge negative impact on your overall email marketing strategy. Not only do emails not reach their intended recipients, but a high bounce rate (as a result of invalid addresses) ruins your sender reputation.

The higher your sender reputation is, the better. Getting a high sender reputation will depend on these factors:

  • How often do you send emails
  • If email recipients report you as spam
  • High bounce rate
  • High open rate
  • Amount of recipients who unsubscribed or opt-out

Getting the favor of major email providers such as AOL, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, and more will result in getting your emails delivered straight to the inbox of recipients instead of getting them delivered to the Promotions or Spam tab.

How To Protect Your Email Sender Reputation  

Keep your email list clean by using an email validator  

Regularly validate your emails on your CRM or list before sending any campaigns. People move, change details, and the data you have now might be outdated a few weeks or months later.

Keeping your lists clean will help you achieve the highest delivery rates, which significantly protects your sender reputation.

Send Welcome Emails  

Once people sign up for subscriptions or lead magnets, send out a welcome or opt-in email. This will let you monitor the email’s validity and ensure that the recipient wants to receive promotions and updates from you.

Make your headlines click-worthy  

Getting your emails delivered is good, but having someone read them is divine! To achieve the highest ROI for your holiday sale, you must ensure that your subject line is catchy enough.

Getting a high open rate for your email campaigns will increase your sender reputation.

Key Takeaway  

You can improve your email marketing by cleaning up your list. Using an email validator will allow you to ensure that all of the emails on your list are valid and ready for action.

Instead of sending out a newsletter or promotional offer and getting nothing but bounce backs, you’ll be able to send out more targeted messages and see higher open rates.

If you are looking for a way to increase sales during the holidays but have yet to figure out how to do it, cleanup your list with an email validator first!

Validating an email list is crucial, as it may either make or break your current and future marketing campaigns.

Aside from ensuring that emails get delivered, it also gives you time to correct wrong contacts and turn them into qualified leads.

Holiday sale is the most awaited sale of the year! Make sure to plan out your best strategy to increase your sales. People tend to splurge on holiday presents and happily pay for value-for-money items during this season. So, get your team involved and make the best out of it!

Contact Searchbug today, and let us help you with your holiday email marketing strategy this year.