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3 Reasons to Use Address Append

You might be able to easily get email addresses for your leads and customers. All it takes is a simple lead magnet, Facebook ad, or registration page. By using an address append tool, you can get much more information for each user without having to ask them for it. In this way, you not only […]

SMS Delivery: 7 Factors that Affect Deliverability

Short message service, or SMS, is very similar to a text message. SMS only has the ability to send text, however, not images or videos. And SMS messages are usually limited to 70 characters. You send text messages successfully all of the time. So why should you worry about SMS delivery? SMS delivery refers to […]

How Phone Number Validation Improves SMS Delivery

You should be implementing phone number validation if you use or plan to use SMS messaging to communicate with your customers. You not only have to make sure you have accurate numbers, but you should know other identifiers as well.  How many of the customer numbers in your database are landlines or VoIP numbers that […]