Benefits of email Validator for Marketing Databases

5 Benefits of Email Validator for Marketing Databases

Email validator verifies email addresses. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which email addresses are worth sending to? You can’t always tell a fake or incorrect email address just by looking at it. And even if you could, who has that kind of time? Fortunately, there are tools that can automate this process for you with complete accuracy.

An email validator can check email addresses individually. An email validator self-service batch tool can check an entire list. And an email validator API verifies email addresses at the point of entry. Keep reading to find out how each can work for you.

How Important is Email to Marketing Agencies?

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing strategies. First of all, email is available to everyone everywhere these days. Consumers can access their email from their computers at home or at work, and many check email on their phones throughout the day. With email mobile apps, emails come in just as easily as text messages.

Second, email provides consumers the opportunity to opt in. Over 70% of people would rather receive permission-based promotional messages via email than by other advertising methods. Emails sent to consumers who actually want to receive them improves your engagement and conversion levels. And returning customers are a higher source of revenue than new customers.

Email marketing automation provides you with more engaged and higher converting contacts, converts missed opportunities into opportunities for stronger customer relationships, and enhances consumer experiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey. But only if the emails you use are valid and accurate….

5 Benefits of Email Validator for Marketing Agencies

Email validator verifies email addresses making sure they are valid and deliverable before being used. Here are 5 ways a strong marketing database benefits marketing agencies.

1. Improve Productivity

First, email validator improves productivity. Using an email validator to clean your customer email database ensures that you only work with good, valid data.

There are many ways that incorrect, invalid email addresses can enter your marketing database. The first way is simple data entry errors. Whether an email address gets mistyped by an employee or by the owner when submitting a webform, typos happen every day. Even the simplest mistake can render an email address invalid and undeliverable.

Although accidents happen, most of the time incorrect data is submitted by users intentionally. A majority of consumers intentionally provide false information online to avoid unwanted marketing and to protect their privacy.

You also want to look out for spambots. Spambots troll webforms, submitting invalid data in an attempt to gain access to sensitive user information. 

Finally, data just becomes outdated over time. Email addresses get abandoned, and they change as people switch from one organization to another.  

Using an email validator and email tracker to clean your database catch these incorrect, outdated email addresses. That way you don’t waste time, money, and other resources on emails that aren’t deliverable in the first place. This allows you to spend your time more wisely and maximize your efforts with emails that are actually valid.

2. Increase Opportunities

Knowing that you have valid, deliverable email addresses in your database allows you to use that data to your marketing advantage. You might use email addresses for a number of reasons. You might use them for lead generation, order fulfillment messages, and creating repeat customers.

Email marketing is still a very viable marketing channel. Almost everyone has an email address. And although you know from experience that unwanted emails can be a burden, you also know that there are emails that you look forward to. 

If you can trust that the email addresses in your database are deliverable, you can confidently expect higher open rates. Whether you use email to communicate important order or account information, sales, promotions, etc., these opportunities are only available for the valid email addresses in your database. You need to know which ones those are so that you can foster those customer relationships and help them along the customer journey.

3. Preserve Reputation

Now that you know the importance of utilizing good data, it’s time to look at the dangers of working with bad data. In short, working with bad data is costly. 

Every undeliverable email you send is a waste of time, money, and resources that could be spent more profitably. The more time you waste, the more opportunities you miss out on. However, you also risk compromising your reputation in the eyes of prospective and repeat customers as well. 

If your clients and customers do business with you, they probably expect to hear from you. Whether they are awaiting order fulfillment details, confirmation messages, sale announcements, or loyalty coupons, you can only deliver these promises if you have an accurate email address on file for them.

And customers can’t receive your emails at all if your sending reputation is compromised. Your sending reputation lowers every time you send an undeliverable email, or email that bounces. Your sending account can be marked as spam if too many failed messages are sent. That prevents you from successfully landing important emails into customer and client inboxes. Email validator helps maintain a good sending reputation making your email campaigns more effective.

4. Enhance Customer Database

If you have correct customer email addresses, you can get information for missing fields. Batch append allows you to upload an entire list of customer contact information, identify the fields you want filled, and download the results!

So having good, accurate email addresses to start can get you even more customer data. The do-it-yourself data append tool allows you to quickly and easily update your list of database records, finding names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

5. Make More Money

Obviously, this all leads to you making more money. The better data you have, the more opportunities you have to make money. By eliminating bad data, you are able to focus on fostering legitimate leads and existing customers. The better your reputation is, the more emails you can send successfully, and the more your recipients will trust you. The more customer trust you have, the more likely you are to see repeat customers.

How to Use Email Validator for Marketing Databases

Email validator helps marketing agencies collect dependable data and build accurate databases for filtering and validating lead information. You can verify email addresses individually, or you can upload an entire list. 

You can even use an email validator API to verify email addresses at the point of entry. This prevents incorrect data from entering your database at all, so you never have to worry about fake addresses or spambots.

If you want to maximize your customer data, try email validator today to verify your marketing database!