How to Use Email Address Verifier to Reduce Cart Abandonment

What is email address verifier? Why do you need it? 

The biggest shopping days of the year are upon us. For many business owners it’s the busiest, most lucrative season both in sales and data acquisition. This is the time when most people are online feverishly looking for deals and discounts. This is a great opportunity for businesses, especially e-commerce businesses, to boost sales.

Cart abandonment is a problem all year long. But it can be particularly frustrating during Black Friday and Cyber Monday when there is the promise of increased sales and updated customer data. So how do you minimize cart abandonment?

Well, email address verifier is a start. Having valid, up-to-date email addresses for existing leads and returning customers allows you to communicate information that helps complete those orders. Here, we’ll tell you how to use email address verifier to reduce cart abandonment this holiday season.

9 Reasons Why Carts Are Abandoned

First, let’s take a look at the top reasons why online shopping carts get abandoned to begin with. 

Unexpected Costs

High shipping fees, taxes, or additional charges that are only revealed during the checkout process can surprise and frustrate customers, leading them to abandon their carts. Or, maybe they just reached their budget and need time to think about the purchase or wait until the next payday. 

The problem with customers who intend to come back is that they might find other deals in the meantime or completely forget about your cart they started. That is why you will want to have a valid email address so that you can send a reminder: “Don’t forget about me!” This can bring your product back to the forefront of the customer’s mind. You can even send out discounts to help seal the deal: “When you complete your order, we’ll take another 15% off of your total!”

Complicated Checkout Process

A lengthy or complicated checkout process with too many steps, mandatory account creation, or excessive form fields can discourage customers. Requiring customers to create an account before making a purchase can be a barrier. Offering a guest checkout option allows customers to complete their transactions without the need for account creation.

Streamlining the checkout process can improve the chances of completing a purchase, but so can communicating with the customer: “We noticed there are still items in your cart. Anything we can do to help?”

Payment Security Concerns

Customers may abandon their carts if they have concerns about the security of their payment information. Also, offering a variety of payment options caters to different customer preferences. If a customer’s preferred payment method is not available, they may abandon their cart. 

Providing clear information about security measures and using trusted payment gateways can help alleviate these concerns: “We noticed there are still items in your cart. We just want to remind you that we value the privacy of your payment information and accept the following forms of payment:”

Website or Mobile Performance Problems

Slow page loading times, website glitches, or technical issues can frustrate users and lead to abandonment. Optimizing website performance is crucial for a smooth shopping experience. 

If you are aware of these issues, you can send an email apologizing for the delay: “We want to apologize for any issues you might have experienced with our website. The problem has been addressed, and we’d like to extend our Black Friday sales event price to your items if you complete your order today.”

Lack of Trust

Customers may abandon their carts if they don’t trust the website or if there is insufficient information about the company, its policies, or the security of personal information. Building trust through transparent communication is vital: “We noticed there are still items in your cart. We are a company [insert mission statement], and we value your business. To learn more about us, check out [insert link to About page or bio].”

Inadequate Product Information

If customers cannot find sufficient information about a product, such as details, specifications, or reviews, they may hesitate to make a purchase. Providing comprehensive product information can instill confidence in buyers: “We noticed there are still items in your cart. Here is a little more information about the products you might be interested in:”

Unfavorable Return Policy

A lack of a clear or favorable return policy may make customers hesitant to complete a purchase. Offering a hassle-free return policy can increase confidence and encourage conversions: “We noticed there are still items in your cart. If you are unsure about a particular item, remember that we offer [insert guarantee, return policy, or other process for rectifying unsatisfaction].”

Distractions and Interruptions

External distractions, such as pop-ups or unrelated ads during the checkout process, can divert customers’ attention and lead to abandonment. A clean and focused checkout page is essential.

Distractions outside of your control can arise as well. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remind customers that they have an abandoned cart in case they just simply forgot about it: “We noticed there are still items in your cart. Remember that you can come back at any time and complete your order.”

Out-of-Stock Items

If a customer discovers that the product they want is out of stock during the checkout process, they are likely to abandon their cart. Keeping inventory up to date is important to avoid this issue. 

Letting the customer know that you are aware of the lack of inventory can help retain the customer and potentially the sale: “We noticed there is an item in your cart that is currently out of stock.” Then, offer a timeframe for when you expect the item to be back in stock, recommend a similar item, or offer to email the customer when the item is ready.

How Email Address Verifier Can Help Solve the Cart Abandonment Problem

All of the above cart abandonment issues can be remedied and all scenarios can be converted to sales. If your email list is up-to-date, that is. In order to effectively communicate with your customers, you have to have a reliable way to reach them. Email address verifier helps you do just that. 

By processing your email list with a bulk email verifier, you can ensure that the emails you have stored are still valid and active. You can verify data you have had for a while to make sure the information is still accurate. You can also verify new data to make sure that you store valuable, usable email addresses for future use.

Here are some ways email address verifier can clean your email database so that you can communicate with your customers and minimize cart abandonment this year: 

Fix Typographical Errors

Customers may make typos while entering their email addresses during the checkout process. An email address verifier can identify and correct common typos (e.g., instead of, reducing the chances of communication issues.

Validate Email Format

An email address verifier checks whether the email address follows the correct format: username@domain. This helps in catching any syntax errors in the email addresses entered by customers (e.g., or username@gmail).

Reduce Bounce Rates

Invalid email addresses can result in bounced emails. High bounce rates can negatively impact your sender reputation, leading to emails being flagged as spam. By using an email address verifier, you can reduce bounce rates and improve the deliverability of your communications.

Enhance Communication

Valid email addresses enable you to communicate effectively with customers. This is vital for sending cart abandonment reminders, order confirmations, shipping notifications, and other important updates. If customers don’t receive these emails due to invalid addresses, it could lead to confusion and frustration.

Build a Quality Email List

By using an email address verifier, you can build and maintain a high-quality email list. This means that your communications are reaching genuine customers who are more likely to engage with your brand and complete their purchases.

Personalize Marketing

With a verified email list, you can implement personalized marketing strategies, such as targeted promotions and abandoned cart emails. These personalized messages can encourage customers to return to their abandoned carts and complete the purchase.

Enhance Customer Trust

Validating email addresses during the checkout process instills confidence in customers that they will receive important information and updates. This can contribute to building trust and loyalty.

Minimize Fraud

An email address verifier can also help identify potential fraudulent activities. If an email address appears suspicious or doesn’t match typical patterns, it may be flagged for further investigation, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.

With Email Address Verifier, You Are Ready for Black Friday

Now that you know the importance of email address verifier and how effective it can be for reducing cart abandonment, you should feel ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers! The most important takeaway is that you maintain accurate contact data for your customers so that you can communicate with them effectively. 

If you use SMS messaging for sending notifications and updates, check out our bulk phone validator too! That gives you another avenue for contacting your customers and promoting your business, services, and products. Want it all? Use data append to get up-to-date phone, email, and physical address for your contact list.

With all of this valuable data at your fingertips, you should feel ready for this year’s holiday sales!