A1PeopleSearch – Free and Instant People Search

What happened to I used to type “Free and Instant People Search” in Google and a1peoplesearch was number 1 for years. They had good press, a good web site, customer service, and delivered results.  What happened?
A1 People Search ClosedAfter almost 10 years in business has closed operations effective October 31, 2012 and all people search traffic is now landing here.
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If you were an A1PeopleSearch customer, your subscriptions stopped renewing, and you’re data has been removed.  You are welcome to use the SearchBug system for your free and instant people search needs as well as all the other available searchbug services.

A1peoplesearch did not transfer any account information or any reports, that information is no longer accessable. If you would like to use please create a brand new account.

Feel free to checkout all the available service options, al-la-carte searches and subscriptions. If you have any questions about searchbug services please visit our people saerch tutorials on Youtube, our Help Page, email us, or call us toll free.  We’re here to help.