Is my Credit Card Secure when I use Best People Search?

The simple answer is Yes.

Secvure Credit CardFor those of you that require the details here’s what we do with your credit card information.

When you make a payment for services on we do not store your entire credit card number in our system and our web site uses SSL technology and the Verisign payment gateway to protect your credit card information when it’s transmitted over the web.

That way, your credit card information is transmitted via an encrypted algorithm using secure server standards so no one can intercept your information as it’s being transmitted from our web site to the credit card network authorization center.

We also go one step further and utilize a “Comodo Trust Logo” which insures your identity for up to $10.000. To view this certificate, simply visit our web site and look in the lower right corner of your browser. You will see a triangle that says “Comodo – Authentic & Secure” and if you mouse over this you will see the insurance certificate.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is CEO of SearchBug, Inc. and the founder of Bestpeoplesearch is a private investigator portal and Information Retrieval Services web site where investigators offer searches to businesses and individuals with specific search needs.