How am I protected from credit card fraud on your site?

credit card fraudHow am I protected from credit card fraud on your site?

We use the latest online fraud tools, Credit Card Encryption, a Comodo Security Certificate and other hi-tech methods to ensure our system is safe to use.

We go to great lengths to detect fraudulent card activity and actually help several government agencies and several local law enforcement agencies track down and prosecute suspects that have used stolen credit cards.

  • If you are a new customer or do not have an order history with using our services, you will receive a call from our customer service staff to verbally verify your order.
  • If you place several orders on line within a few day period, or the dollar amount of your requested searches exceeds our current processor guidelines you will be asked to complete a credit card validation form and fax it with proof that you are the cardholder (copy of credit card).
  • If you plan to order several searches, or the dollar amount of your initial purchase exceeds $250, you should complete the form in advance to save time.

Review Credit Card Form and see forms under “quick links”

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