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How to Guide - People Search: How to Find a Person via

People Search: How to Find a Person

With so many people search tools to choose from, you can almost always locate your subject. Whether you want to contact a long lost friend, strike a business deal, or conduct a skip trace, there are resources for you. Not only can you conduct isolated searches here and there as the need arises, but you […]

Skiptrace Guide: How to Find Someone Who Doesnt Want to Be Found

Skiptrace Guide: How to Find Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Be Found

Like the 2016 film Skiptrace starring Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville depicts, skiptrace is the process of finding someone unfindable through thorough investigation. In detective Bennie Chan’s case, he must locate the elusive criminal responsible for the death of his best friend. His number one suspect is so powerful that he is essentially untouchable. Now, […]

Professional People Search - 10 Investigator Assisted Searches via Searchbug

Professional People Search: 10 Investigator-Assisted Searches

You can hire a prescreened, licensed, bonded, and insured private investigator to handle your professional people search needs. Hiring a private investigator allows you to dig a little deeper into the life of your subject, find a debtor hiding off the grid, and ensure that your search results are accurate and verified by a licensed […]

Match SSN and Last Name: 7 SSN Lookup and Verification Services via Searchbug

Match SSN and Last Name: 7 SSN Lookup and Verification Services

If you need to match SSN and last name, there are a few different routes you can take. The tool you need depends on what information you need returned or verified and who you are. Access to certain information is restricted unless you can prove that you are authorized to access it.  Social security number […]

Background Check vs. Criminal Record Check What’s the Difference via Searchbug

Background Check vs. Criminal Record: What’s the Difference?

Background check vs. criminal record check: is there a difference? Yes, there is. And the main difference is the information that is returned for each search. Because of this, there are also different reasons to conduct each search, depending on what information you need.  So, when would you need to run a background check? When […]

Best Reverse Address Lookup

Best Reverse Address Lookup: What to Look For in Yours

Searching “best reverse address lookup” online results in a number of different websites and tools all claiming to have what you’re looking for. But the truth is that not all reverse address lookups are the same. Some are free, some are paid. Some require subscriptions or memberships. Others offer access to databases that aren’t regularly […]

Is People Search Enough or Do You Need a Professional Background Check?

Is People Search Enough, or Do You Need a Professional Background Check?

Thanks to the Internet, there are many sources of personal information available on demand. A people search and professional background check are great ways to find out personal details on anyone.  Anytime you provide register your information, whether online, at school, at work, on social media, a financial institution, apply for a credit card, auto […]