Free SMS Campaign with Phone Validator and Mailchimp

Ultimate Guide: How To Plan a FREE SMS Campaign with Phone Validator and MailChimp

SMS messaging is an essential means of communication, serving both personal and business purposes. Its rapidity, user-friendliness, and ability to engage in real-time make it incredibly valuable. Nonetheless, the expenses associated with sending SMS texts can quickly accumulate, presenting a significant financial burden for businesses. But fear not! You can actually send FREE SMS campaigns using this technique.

In this blog post, we will explore a practical solution for conducting SMS campaigns. By utilizing a phone validator, businesses can obtain the SMS email address linked to a phone number, enabling the transmission of text messages via email.

Furthermore, we will introduce the utilization of Mailchimp, a well-known email marketing platform, to facilitate the distribution of mass messages to a business’s valued clientele.

You might feel confused right now. SMS through email? Trust the process. It will all become clear in the end. Keep reading to discover how!

What is a Phone Validator?  

The Advanced Phone Validator is a dependable tool that validates a phone number and its corresponding carrier. This invaluable tool gives businesses a wealth of information regarding their customers’ phone numbers.

It unveils vital details such as the carrier, line type, geographic location, state, and even the timezone associated with the number.

Here’s the real kicker: You can access the SMS email address linked to the mobile number with the advanced validation option. And that’s where the magic happens! By leveraging this SMS email address, businesses can send SMS text messages at zero cost by simply sending emails.

The best part? Recipients receive these messages seamlessly as SMS texts on their mobile phones. It’s a win-win, maximizing efficiency and saving you some serious cash.

So, if you’re all about effective communication and convenient solutions, the Advanced Phone Validator is a must-have in your business process.

How Important Is It To Get SMS Email Addresses?   

Discovering the SMS email addresses associated with mobile phone numbers is a treasure chest that opens possibilities. It opens the doors to direct and efficient customer communication, bringing speed, convenience, and savings.

In this section, we’ll dive into the perks of getting your hands on cellphone number’s SMS email addresses. 

1. Improved Message Delivery 

By utilizing the SMS email addresses associated with cell phones, businesses can guarantee that their text messages are directly delivered to recipients’ mobile devices. This enhanced delivery capability is crucial for businesses aiming to engage customers in real-time.

2. Zero-cost 

Traditional ways of sending SMS messages can be expensive, especially for businesses that send a high volume of messages. According to Yotpo, sending out texts can cost $.01-$.05 per text.

However, by taking advantage of the SMS email addresses linked to phone numbers, businesses can send text messages via email without any cost. This is a highly cost-effective solution that can significantly reduce expenses for businesses.

3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

When businesses send text messages via the SMS email associated with a cell phone number, the messages are delivered as SMS texts directly to the recipient’s mobile device.

This enables businesses to establish a quick, convenient, and personalized customer connection. This level of communication enhances the overall customer experience. It ensures that customers receive the messages they want without any delay.

4. Precise Messaging 

Businesses can elevate their message-targeting game when they acquire the SMS email address associated with a cell phone number. They can now direct their messages accurately toward specific individuals or groups. This level of precision enables the creation of captivating and highly relevant messages, ultimately leading to a more impactful SMS campaign.

How To Send FREE SMS Campaign 

The first step to start your journey of sending FREE SMS texts through email is to find the perfect phone validator. With numerous options available in the market, businesses need to conduct thorough research and compare the features offered by each validator.

Doing so allows you to select the one that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements.

Take into account the option of using Searchbug’s phone validation service. It offers four levels of phone validation, with three (beginning with Line Type Advanced) capable of providing the SMS email associated with a phone number (only Line Type Standard does not provide this information).

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to send SMS texts for free through email: 

 1. Create a free account 

If you choose Searchbug, create a free account to gain access to our business services. Once your account is auto-approved, you can begin uploading your files for processing immediately.

2. Choose the phone validation type 

To obtain the SMS email address for cell phone numbers, you have several options: Line Type (Advanced), Line Type + DNC, or Reachable Number. Besides the SMS email address, you’ll receive additional information about each contact number, which can assist you in better understanding your target audience.

3. Upload your file 

Once you’ve chosen the phone validation service, upload your file to the Searchbug system for processing. You can upload files in various formats, such as .csv, .xlsx, or .txt. You can estimate the cost of your file by using the online pricing calculator.

4. Download the completed file 

Once the file has been processed, you’ll receive an email notification informing you that the completed file is ready for download. Alternatively, you can check your Batch Dashboard to view the status and download the completed file.

5. Send the FREE SMS via email 

Now that you have the new file containing SMS email addresses, you can send SMS texts through email. Compose your plain message within the body of the email and send it to the respective SMS email addresses. The recipient will receive the message as an SMS text on their mobile phone.

To streamline the process of sending bulk or mass SMS campaigns, consider using email-sending platforms like Mailchimp. With the SMS email addresses, you can effortlessly upload the newly generated file from Searchbug to Mailchimp.

By staying within the limits of Mailchimp’s free plan, you can send out your SMS campaign at zero cost. However, Mailchimp also offers paid options that provide greater flexibility in campaign customization on the platform.

Unlike traditional email campaigns that involve designing templates, opt for the “Plain Text” option when sending out your SMS emails. Keep it simple without fancy styling, images, or other characters for the best results. This approach ensures straightforward and effective delivery of your SMS messages.

During the process, you’ll come across additional mandatory fields. Feel free to select the relevant ones and then carefully compose your plain message. Depending on your preference, you’ll also be given the option to schedule the campaign for future sending or to send it immediately.

Why Choose Searchbug’s Phone Validator? 

Businesses need a reliable and efficient phone validator when acquiring SMS email addresses for effective customer communication. Here’s why Searchbug’s Phone Validator stands out from the crowd:

  1. Comprehensive Phone Validation Levels: Searchbug offers four distinct phone validation levels, each providing valuable information about a phone number. Starting from Line Type Advanced, the top 3 levels enable businesses to obtain the SMS email address associated with a cell phone number. This comprehensive approach ensures businesses access the most relevant and up-to-date contact information.
  1. Easy Integration and User-Friendly Interface: With a user-friendly interface, businesses can effortlessly navigate the platform, upload files, and retrieve the necessary data for their SMS campaigns. Also, you can seamlessly integrate phone validator into your existing systems and workflows through API. This will help you validate the phone number and get its SMS email address in real time instead of waiting for the file to be processed by manual bulk upload.
  1. Accurate and Reliable Results: Accuracy is crucial for phone validation. Searchbug employs unique algorithms and data sources to deliver reliable and precise results. Businesses can trust that the SMS email addresses obtained through Searchbug’s Phone Validator are authentic and up-to-date, ensuring effective communication with their target audience.
  1. Cost-Effective Solution: Besides its reliable service, Searchbug’s Phone Validator offers excellent business value. By providing access to SMS email addresses, businesses can significantly reduce costs associated with traditional SMS texting methods, allowing them to allocate their budget more efficiently. Aside from that, Searchbug has no monthly subscription that locks you in. You can pay as you go. It also offers bulk discounts through its cumulative volume-based pricing.
  1. Impeccable Live Customer Service: Having a real human you can always rely on is the most important factor you should consider when choosing your data partner. Data can be complicated and technical at times. Getting auto-reply and chatbots during business hours is upsetting and counter-productive if you need urgent technical support. Searchbug has a team of experienced, responsive, and friendly customer service representatives that cater to your real-time needs. They are available, whether via live chat, email, or call.


Businesses can effectively and affordably engage with customers by utilizing phone validation tools to obtain SMS email addresses and email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp for mass messaging. This approach offers a range of benefits, including cost savings, improved deliverability, elevated customer experience, and better targeting.

Whether you send SMS texts manually via email or use Mailchimp’s bulk-sending features, you can efficiently communicate with your audience and improve customer relationships without breaking the bank.

To start with this powerful approach, consider using Searchbug’s Phone Validator service to obtain SMS email addresses. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your business’s communication with customers and enhance your overall marketing strategy. It’s time to create a free Searchbug account today!