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Identity Theft vs. Identity Fraud: What is the Difference? + 4 APIs for Fraud Prevention   

Have you ever wondered how secure your business is against identity theft and identity fraud? Luckily, there are processes you can follow to protect yourself against these two scenarios, especially if you’re in one of the seven industries mentioned in this blog. These are serious problems affecting not only businesses, but individuals as well. Understanding […]

How Address Verification Can Drive Success for Trucking Businesses

Let’s consider a trucking company, XYZ Logistics, which always encounters the same annoying problem with late deliveries and rerouting before arriving at the right address. Even with all their planning and hard work, their trucks keep showing up in the wrong places. This is where technology, especially address verification services, comes into play. This common […]

4 Identity Verification Tools for Health Insurance Providers to Prevent Fraud 

Health insurance fraud is a pressing issue, posing significant challenges for providers and consumers. It leads to higher premiums, drains resources, and ultimately compromises the quality of care for genuine policyholders. With the advancement of technology in recent years, health insurance providers now have an arsenal of tools to verify identities and mitigate fraud risks. […]

Dear Ladies, Here’s How You Can Take Control of Your Safety Online 

As March ushers in International Women’s Month, we’re reminded of the incredible journey towards gender equality and the battles still ahead. This month is more than a celebration; it’s a powerful reminder of the ongoing fight for a safer, more equitable world, especially in digital interactions and relationships. The rise of online dating has opened […]