How to Identify a Mobile Number Online? You have received calls from an unknown phone number a few times, but you've missed them. What should you do? You want to identify the mobile number and know the caller's identity before ringing them back. This will help avoid calling back a telemarketer or sales agent. Also, you don't want not to call back, just in case it might be important.

How to Identify a Mobile Number Online?

You have received calls from an unknown phone number a few times, but you’ve missed them. What should you do? You want to identify the mobile number and know the caller’s identity before ringing them back. This will help avoid calling back a telemarketer or sales agent. Also, you don’t want not to call back, just in case it might be important.

Based on experience, you have received tons of sales-related calls. So, you are quick to think that those missed calls from an unknown number might just be from them. However, you don’t want to risk not returning the call. What if the call is from a friend who changed their number? Or a call about a job offer from that company that you really like? For your peace of mind, it’s a must that you figure out who called. So, you will know what to do next.

What do you do?

There are many ways to identify a mobile number online. Some might be free but risk giving you unreliable results, and it might be best to use paid searches to get authentic results. Don’t worry. We will provide you with the details on how you can do the search inexpensively. Read on to find out how you can identify the mobile number who called you a few times but unfortunately the call was missed.

Who Called?

Got a phone call from an unknown number? Here’s who probably called:

Family/Friend – If a relative or friend changes their mobile number and then calls you, the number will be unknown to you. It is also possible that a family or friend you have not talked to in a long time and lost touch with is trying to rekindle the relationship through a phone call.

Telemarketer/Sales Agent – An unknown number was trying to call you might be someone trying to sell a product or service.

Stalkers/Harassers – It is possible that someone might be keeping an eye on your every single activity. Aside from physically following you without your knowledge, stalkers may try to connect with you by calling you. Harassers may attempt to force a connection, possibly through a phone call.

Identifying Unknown Callers

Try different practical ways to find out who owns the mobile number that called you. Some methods are free, but the results might not be helpful. Others charge a fee, but the charge is worth it. You may get the most recent name, address, and other related numbers from the mobile number. In some cases, you may even get an email address.

Google Search

Google is the go-to site if you are trying to find the answer for anything—even the identity behind the number that called you. It is a free method to do your search, and if you are lucky enough, you might actually find the contact information that you are looking for. Google’s algorithm is written so that you can find contact details from a business. If the number that called you comes from an established company, Google search results will instantly reflect that.

Unfortunately, even if Google’s algorithms continuously evolve to provide accuracy, it is not the best way to identify unknown callers. But it is undeniably fast. Although Google is not the most information-rich in every mobile number search, it can precisely give you dependable results if the number is from an established business.

It is important to note that Google is a lot more useful if the caller used a landline. It is a different case for mobile phones because specific laws protect them. If you want to find out information about mobile numbers, chances are, you have to pay for them.

Another way you can take advantage of Google’s free search is to find an area code. Using the first few digits of the number that called you, Google can show you if the call came from nearby cities or states. You could suppose that the call came from a family member or a friend if the area code is local to you. However, it will only work accurately if a computer does not spoof (or mask) the number. Additionally, you will not find mobile numbers unless they are linked to an established company.

Social Media

Searching social media platforms is an excellent way to identify a mobile number for free. Like Google search, though, it is not the most reliable, but it offers a good start. Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the best social media platforms to search on when identifying unknown phone numbers online. These platforms have massive user bases where users typically provide their numbers. Don’t limit yourself to these two, and try your luck on other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and more.

If the caller wrote their mobile number on any social media platform, a quick search would yield the results that you are looking for. If the number is from a business, it is likely displayed on their account. Moreover, if it is from a company, it is increasingly likely that the number has been mentioned on social media—as a word of mouth promotion to commend them or in a rant from an upset customer.

So, go to the social media site that you want to search on and type the mobile number. If a person or company shows in the results, then that is your mystery caller.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup is a service that you can use when you have the phone number but not the caller’s identity. It is a nifty solution to identify a mobile number online. It involves searching on gray page directories or a criss-cross directory, which is a collection of phone numbers and their associated details. This system includes both listed or publicly accessible numbers and unlisted or private numbers. Law enforcement and some emergency services commonly use this tool to determine the caller’s origin.

Searchbug offers reverse phone lookup at a very reasonable price. Pay $1.00 (or 100 Search Tokens) to get information about the recently reported name and address associated with the phone number. You can also get a detailed reverse phone search using the criss-cross directory for only $2.00 (or 200 Search Tokens). This method will allow you to get reports for previous owners, all related phone numbers for multiple lines, and even the user’s date of birth.

Additional information that you will receive from a reverse phone search includes the current phone owner’s details like full name, address, and email address if available, and the three-year address history with year of residence. Searchbug’s reverse phone lookup is a very handy solution. You can use this service without any subscription fees, sign-up fees, membership fees, or any recurring fees at all for that matter–Searchbug is strictly a per-per-use service. Moreover, as with all searches on Searchbug, there is no charge if there is no information found.

What Makes Searchbug Reliable to Identify a Mobile Number?

When you use Searchbug’s Reverse Phone Lookup service, you have a much better chance of finding contact information associated with the mobile number. If an email address is available, it provides that information, too. Therefore, with Searchbug, you can rely on it from the quality of the results to the reasonable price of the search. Here are the essential points that make it very dependable:

Information Quality – Using the Current Phone Owner service type, you can get the most recent name and address for the number. The result can also include an email address, if available. On the other hand, using the Detailed History Report service type, you can access the criss-cross directory for complete details of current and previous owners of the mobile number. The phone number history may include full name and known aliases, current address and 3-year address history with reported dates, all known phone numbers with line type (wireless or landline), date of birth, and relatives with their date of birth.

Accuracy – As a tried and tested phone number lookup service, Searchbug provides accurate and quality information. Results are delivered in a matter of seconds.

Low Cost – For just $1.00, you can use the Current Phone Owner tool and just $2.00 for the criss-cross directory search. It is by far the best reverse phone lookup available online without a subscription.

Amazing Customer Service – Searchbug’s skilled customer service agents ensure impressive, dependable, and responsive support. So, even if you are not familiar with using the search tools, you can easily navigate your way with the help of the customer service team.

Additional Options (Reverse Phone Lookup in a Batch) – Use this service to find a full name, address, city, state, and zip for your list of phone numbers. Update CRM, customers, leads, and prospects, so your data stays current and accurate. Simple file upload, instant online estimate, and automated volume discounts. We highly recommend this service for business use.

What’s Next?

A reliable reverse phone lookup tool is handy to have these days. With tons of calls you get from unknown numbers, this tool can certainly provide you with peace of mind.

Once you have found out the identity behind the mobile number, there are several things you can do depending on who the phone owner is. If it is a long-lost relative or friend, you can give them a call to find out why they are calling so you can rekindle the relationship. Meanwhile, if it is a telemarketer, you can give them a call if you are interested in what they have to say or to request that they remove you from their call list, or you can simply ignore it. On the other hand, if it is from a company that you applied for, you can give them a call and get the job that you’ve always wanted. If it is someone you don’t know and you wish not to be bothered by again, you can block them.

The bottom line is, you will know your next move based upon the results provided by your trusted reverse phone lookup service.