How to find a phone number from name, city, and state

How to find a phone number from name, city, and state.

This is a very common question. And, I figured I would answer and explain here. The question comes in many forms but one of the most common requests is:

QUESTION: Can you get me a valid phone number if I provide you with someone’s name, city, and state? Most of the other sites I’ve tried provide old numbers. What is the cost to find a current number?
In short, yes, our investigators can do this for you. But, that’s not the entire story.

One of the reasons other sites provide old numbers is because people move and change phone numbers. And, most find phone number services use flat file databases or old phone books and cross reference additional information. Then they make best guesses based on computer algorithms. These searches are only as good as the database or people programming the algorithms.

But, there’s a way to get a valid landline phone number that’s attached to a physical address, even if you don’t have the address. You can do a find address and phone number search if you have a person’s name, city, and state, but not their physical address. This is a professional search performed by a private investigator, not a computer. So, you get a real address and usable phone number.

Now, keep in mind that not everyone has a land line phone these days. Many people only use cell phones. So, the above search may only produce an address. Also, if the person you’re looking for has a common name, and you only have the city and state, it may be unsuccessful.

If you wish to locate someone’s cell phone number, please check our cell phone number lookup search (note: this search requires a previous or recent address). So, you may want to do some research yourself and locate the address if you don’t have the address on hand.

We have a couple self-service people search tools you can use to locate an address:

  1. Individual People Finder Tools
  2. People Search by name and state


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  1. cc pennes
    cc pennes says:

    i am looking for Rosemarie Luongo newtowntown sq pa. old phone # 610-353-4542 i do not want to pay
    they all say free search, & not one of them is ????????

    PROULX JAMES says:


  3. lexordiosa
    lexordiosa says:

    There are several ways to know the identity of a spam caller through the use of an area phone code. If you are being annoyed with spam calls, then you can use this to trace them.

  4. tweety
    tweety says:

    i am looking for my friend number
    name: mithilesh gajjar
    city : hamilton

  5. Larry LeBlanc
    Larry LeBlanc says:

    Phone number for website investment service called “Automotive Profits” or “Automotive Profit System” could be an Arizona listing..also would include its foud

  6. Larry LeBlanc
    Larry LeBlanc says:

    looking for online business phone number: Either “Automotive Profits” of “Jared Donovan”

  7. kathlene
    kathlene says:

    If someone sends a text through this service is there a way to find the number

  8. jeannine r zollinger
    jeannine r zollinger says:


    • Sarita
      Sarita says:

      Hello Jeannine,
      We have redacted some information from your post as it included sensitive information.

      With the information that you have, we have two options for this search:

      1. Basic Assisted People Search – With this search, the investigator will look for the last reported address and land line if available, plus a 10-15 year history of addresses and phone numbers if available. You can read all about the search here: Basic Assisted People Search

      2. Verified Current Address – with this search, the Investigator guarantees the address that they turn to you is where your subject is residing. Please see the link for information on price, turn time, refund guarantee and more:
      Verified Current Address and Phone Search

      If you have any questions after reviewing the link options, please contact us at 800-990-2939 M-F 8:30am – 4:00pm Pacific time.

    • Sarita
      Sarita says:

      Hello Debolina,

      We can accept orders from foreign countries, and have a policy in place to be able to do so. You may sign up for a *Free Account* and enter your name, phone number with country code and credit card information as requested. Since we only have US states and Canadian Territories to choose from in the dropdown box for location, you may select any state or territory.

      Please also send an email with a clear and legible scan or clear readable photo of your photo ID and as well as a picture of the front and back of the credit card you enter for billing information. Once we have this information and a telephone number where we can reach you, you will be contacted to verbally verify the information provided before you the account will be activated and you can then run your searches.

      Thank you

  9. Don moody
    Don moody says:

    Hi I am looking for old phone numbers and I get charged for looking up peoples info there was a time s month or two ago which I found info on who ever I wanted but now I guess I’m stupid but anyway I’m looking for allison Eve jocher the last digits are 92 plz help it’s an old number thankyou

    • Jacob N
      Jacob N says:

      Hello Don,

      Thank you for your inquiry and comment. I’m not sure it you’ve used our website in the past to look up info or another website so I’ll try and help you here. If Eve has a phone in her home or office (a landline, not a cell) you might have a bit of luck using our free phone number search tools. If however, she’s moved recently or disconnected her landline and only has a cell phone, our premium public records may help you. It’s a low cost way to conduct a bunch of preliminary searches without breaking the bank.

      Our Basic Free People Search might help you especially if she has a landline phone or if you are looking for a history of older numbers. The free service allows up to ten free basic searches per day and there are multiple ways to search

      If you’re not having much luck with the free searches, I’d suggest checking out our Premium Membership. This includes unlimited basic searches (not just the 10 per day) but you also get access to our premium public records which contain much more information that just can’t be found for free.

      Lastly, if Eve does not have a landline or recently changed number and her information hasn’t made it into government documents or public records as of yet, I would suggest an Assisted Search. This is where your request is assigned to a licensed private investigator who uses their arsenal of tools and experience to locate difficult to find information. While assisted searches are much more expensive, they are extremely thorough as your investigator leaves no stone unturned in trying to locate the information you desire. Our Assisted Cell Phone Locate is one of our most popular services as the results are very good. Please review our cell phone locate here.

      If you’d like to discuss your needs before ordering or have any further questions please call our toll-free support number at 800-990-2939 between M – F from 7:00 am – 4:00 pm PST.

      Thank you and have a great day!
      SearchBug Support

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