Searchbug People Search APIs Differences Between Advanced Person Enhanced People People Trace

Searchbug People Search APIs: Differences Between Advanced Person, Enhanced People, People Trace

At Searchbug, we frequently handle questions about which of our People Search APIs best fit various needs. These tools are crucial for anyone relying on swift and precise identity verification or tracing services.

If you’ve come across Searchbug’s selection of People Search APIs and are unsure which one to pick, this article is tailored for you!

We offer three distinct APIs that cater to varying requirements: Advanced Person Search, Enhanced People Search, and People Trace APIs. Read this blog until the end to gain insight into each of these services, which will help you determine the API that best fits your needs and use-case.

 Searchbug APIs for People Search   

 1. Advanced Person Search API: Streamlined Verification 

The Advanced Person Search API makes identity verification simple. It’s designed to verify identities without handling sensitive Social Security Number (SSN) information. This means there is no need for the Restricted Access Add-On (RA), meaning even standard users have access to this API and its treasure-trove of accurate data.

It is perfect for businesses or individuals who need quick and reliable identity checks  and contact information without the complexities and responsibilites that come with managing sensitive data.

Key Features:

  • No SSN Searches: Since sensitive data such as SSN is not included in this API, the extra hurdle of applying for the Restricted Access Add-On, and the added responsibility of managing federally regulated data, is not necessary.
  • Identity Verification: Ideal for quick and accurate confirmation of personal details.
  • Contact Information: The contact information provided by this API is 99% accurate and current.
  • Ease of Use: The API is user-friendly and easy to integrate, offering outputs in XML or JSON formats for added flexibility.

2. Enhanced People Search API: Comprehensive Searches Including SSN 

The Enhanced People Search API provides a more in-depth verification process, including the ability to search by or for SSNs. This means users must have the Restricted Access add-on (RA) and take on the additional responsibility of managing federally regulated data.

Businesses required to follow Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations will find this API particularly useful. It helps businesses adhere to KYC regulations, which aim to combat money laundering and fraud by verifying customers’ identities.

This API suits needs that require deeper investigation and is particularly useful in industries such as:

  • Financial Services: Useful for background checks, anti-money laundering efforts, and risk assessments.
  • Healthcare: Critical for verifying patient identities and preventing fraud.
  • Real Estate: Important for confirming identities in buying and selling processes.
  • Employment Services: Helps perform thorough background checks on potential hires.
  • Legal Services: Useful for detailed background information gathering for various legal situations.
  • Debt Collection: Assists in locating hard-to-find individuals and verifying their identities accurately.
  • Private Investigations: Enables detailed searches for personal information.
  • Background Check Companies: Essential for performing extensive security checks and verifications.

Key Features:

  • SSN Searches: Allows searching by and for SSN, which is crucial for comprehensive identity checks.
  • RA Requirement: This API is only available to verified businesses who have applied for and been approved for the Restricted Access Add-On.

3. People Trace API: Advanced Tracking with Multiple Data Sources 

The People Trace API is the most robust option for tracking down hard-to-find individuals, as it utilizes a multitude of data feeds for enhanced tracking.

Like the Enhanced People Search API, it allows SSN searches and requires RA to use this search type.

This API is invaluable across several sectors, including:

  • Law Enforcement: Helps locate suspects, witnesses, or missing persons.
  • Debt Collection: Improves efficiency in debtor tracing.
  • Human Resources: Allows for in-depth background checks on potential employees.
  • Government Agencies: Useful for compliance and regulatory purposes.
  • Fraud Prevention: Assists in thorough identity checks and fraud investigations.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Data Feeds: Provides unparalleled accuracy in tracking.
  • SSN Searches with RA: Ensures detailed searches while protecting sensitive data.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a variety of tracking and verification needs.

Tips on How to Choose the Right API  

When deciding which API to use, consider the type of search, account requirements, and the specific context of the search. The Advanced People Search API is ideal if your data needs are straightforward and involve basic identity verification without SSN details.

On the other hand, the Enhanced People Search API provides a thorough solution for more complex needs that involve SSN details. With its multiple data feeds, the People Trace API offers the best service for the most extensive tracking needs, particularly when locating elusive individuals.

How to Access Restricted Data

To access the Enhanced People Search and People Trace APIs, apply for the RA Add-On to your standard Searchbug account. The process of applying for the Restricted Access Add-On typically takes 7-10 business days. The steps are outlined below:

  1. Sign up for a free standard account.
  2. Apply for the RA Add-On and prepare the necessary documentation (see below for full documentation requirements).
  3. Pay the one-time application fee of $147
  4. Undergo a business verification process, which includes a site survey (in certain cases, this can be done virtually) and background checks on key individuals.

Restricted Access Documentation Requirements 

Here is a list of the required documentation for the add-on:

  • A copy of your signed application (this can be downloaded as a .pdf after you complete the online application)
  • Yellow Pages or Google business listing
  • Business License and ONE of the following items. If you don’t have a business license, TWO of the following are required:
    • Articles of incorporation or similar
    • Proof of status under FCRA 621(b) (1,2,3)
    • Corporation verification with State or Federal government
    • Sales tax records
    • State Tax ID Certificate (not the application)
    • State and/or Federal tax records
  • Additional Proof. One of each:
    • Advertising material and/or business card
    • Current business phone bill
    • Business bank check (voided) or business bank account statement
  • Tenant Screening Supporting Information:
    • Three (3) completed rental applications
    • Signed list of the properties managed
    • One of the following:
      • Document filings in Landlord/Tenant court
      • Proof of membership in an Apartment Association

Key Takeaway  

Searchbug’s People Search APIs meet diverse business needs, from basic identity verification and contact information updates, to complex and in-depth skip trace searches.

Whether you aim to comply with KYC standards, enhance your security measures, or conduct extensive legal investigations, a Searchbug API is designed to fit your needs.

Good news! Searchbug offers FREE API credits for businesses ready to test these tools. This is a great opportunity to start with no upfront costs and assess the capabilities of our APIs firsthand. Visit today to learn more and claim your free credits.

If you are still trying to decide which API best suits your needs, our team is ready to provide advice and insights to ensure you choose the most suitable option. Take advantage of our free credits and start enhancing your business operations today.