Searchbug Joins Responsible Data Alliance to Ensure Data Protection

Searchbug Joins Responsible Data Alliance to Ensure Data Protection

As a search company that provides quality data with transparent pricing, Searchbug has joined Responsible Data Alliance (RDA) to safeguard the privacy of at-risk people. 

RDA is a group of companies dedicated to decreasing the amount of information available to the public about people who are regarded to be in the “Protected People” category.

These are individuals who have been threatened or attacked in the past and whose information being made public could disrupt their daily lives or put their physical safety in jeopardy.

Offering Good Information, Providing Protection 

Have you ever tried to find your name on Searchbug or on one of the many search engines on the internet? If you haven’t already, you might be surprised at how much information data-driven sites can reveal about you to family, friends, past classmates, potential employers or business partners, and strangers on the internet.

Searchbug utilizes a database waterfall system that allows it to locate and organize data from all across the internet, which in turn creates an accurate information profile on anyone you’re looking for. People’s phone numbers, current and previous addresses and email addresses, relatives, date of birth, previous traffic infractions or criminal charges, and any past or current judgments or liens, and much more, may be included in these profiles.

Every day, more and more information on individuals is made available to the general public via the internet. The amount of information available to Searchbug is growing by the day, from where we live to where we work, who we associate with, and so on.

This information has the potential to improve our lives tremendously. But for some people, making their information available to the public can jeopardize their safety.

By eliminating the data of those who have been targeted by harassment or violence in the past, RDA is dedicated to ensuring a safer future.

Protected People 

Searchbug and Responsible Data Alliance commit to safeguarding the privacy of at-risk people. What makes a person at-risk? Here are the details.

  1. They have been targets of violent crime in the past

  2. If they live under the threat of harassment

  3. If they often have a permanent restraining order issued by the state or another local authority

In the digital world, one of the most important things is to protect your privacy. We are here to assist you in doing so.

Searchbug Supports Data Protection 

Data makes our lives better in more ways than you can imagine. Many of us are unaware of how many problems data solves for us on a daily basis, such as connecting long-lost friends and relatives, screening for employment, or locating property information. However, for some people, making their contact information available to the public may raise concerns about their safety. 

We ensure that these people’s voices are heard and that they are not forgotten. It is our goal to ensure that data is used in a responsible manner. As part of RDA, Searchbug is committed to blocking personal contact information about vulnerable and concerned citizens from appearing on their website.

Moving Forward: Additional Layer of Protection

At-risk people can add a layer of protection to themselves and minimize security risks with the following: 

1. Search for yourself to know where your data appears

First, you must determine where information about you can be found. Type in your whole name into a search engine to check what kinds of results come up initially. This will help you assess who has access to your data. 

Do a personal search on Searchbug to see what types of information are available. This will help you identify the extent of the information available about you.

2. Perform a variety of searches

Pair your name with another identification and search for it. For instance, search for John Smith. Then, search for John Smith Your Company’s Name or John Smith New York City. If you have a common name, this will give you a wider range of results.

3. Apply as a Protected Person

Fill out a form for Protected Person on RDA’s website. RDA will ensure that your data is blocked from all RDA’s partner sites such as Searchbug, if you qualify. 

4. Keep an eye out for new instances of your data 

Keep in mind that continued monitoring may be required if you are exposed to harassment or doxing that puts your safety, job, or well-being in jeopardy.

To find out more about Responsible Data Alliance, become a partner who provides protection, or apply as a Protected Person, visit 

If you have the need to find contact information one at a time, in bulk, or in real-time, check out Searchbug. We provide business services so you can find information that can help you make better decisions and support the success of your organization. Need assisted search? We got you covered.

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